T-Day and Beyond
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T-Day and Beyond

Trans Journey Day 227: It’s not fear of failure, it’s fear of wasting time. Well, poop on a cracker!

Nothing like starting the day with a solid epiphany.

I woke with this thought:

I need to stop gatekeeping MYSELF!

WTF? What does that even mean?

I need to stop telling myself I can’t and giving myself reasons why something would be a waste of time (like creating a GoFundMe or applying for grants to fund my writing… or booking my freakin’ medical appointments).



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🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈(They/Them) LGBTQ2SIA+ WRITER (romance & para sci-fi/fantasy). Space nerd🚀 Neurodivergent🧠 On a journey of words and self-discovery. Come play!