T-Day and Beyond
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T-Day and Beyond

Trans Journey Day 246: I have a new label for my gender identity — I am gender imposter syndrome fluid! I am GISF.

Yep, somedays I have full-on imposter syndrome:

What am I doing?
Am I really even trans?
Am I just a cisgender straight wo…wom…

I can’t even say the word because today, imposter syndrome is quiet. I like these days.

Because days like today I KNOW that I feel so much better on T.

My body works better in a way I didn’t expect — I trust my body more!



On October 2nd, 2021, I closed part 1 of my gender story. Part 2 began with my first microdose of testosterone. This publication is that journey. Perhaps it will help someone out there. Start with Day 1 on T here: https://medium.com/t-day-and-beyond/day-1-t-day-f8d4d8cbf493

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