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How the free Redraw suite helps you optimize your double life 🔥

We, the millennials of T-Me Studios, pride ourselves on knowing the finer points of our generation’s needs, quirky as these may be — primarily because our users all fall within the gen Y- gen Z age bracket. As such, the Redraw suite of apps — the keyboard, launcher and locker apps — all come with baked-in functionalities tailored to the young folk. Foremost among them, our need to play our cards close to the vest.

Ioanina Pavel
Oct 30, 2017 · 3 min read

Who are we keeping secrets from in the Age of Information?

Secrecy is a much disputed commodity in today’s mobilescape. You’ll have heard of the struggle for data ‘privacy’ — that’s the buzz word everyone seems to be rallying around these days, and what it comes down to is users demanding to keep their keystrokes to themselves. In other words, out of advertisers’, ISPs’, phone companies’ and, really, anyone else’s reach. We all want our personal data, as well as our private thoughts, safe from anyone else but who we choose to share them with.

Mind you, it’s not Big Brother that most young smartphone users worry about when texting, messaging or swiping — we’re not all that concerned about the government making a push for backdoors into our smartphones, or social networks using our personal data to track us and serve us “relevant” ads. Yes, it does feel like we’ve never been more keenly aware of how important it is to put a premium on privacy — but the prying eyes we’d like to avoid belong to our mom, our teachers or our significant other.

How Redraw Keyboard and Redraw Launcher make your (double) life easier

When we launched the Redraw suite of apps, last September, with the eponymous Redraw Keyboard app, we hadn’t yet added the Incognito mode (that lets users add an extra layer of security to their messages by texting what initially looks like gibberish, only to come out as readable on the recipient’s device). Little did we know it would be such a roaring success. The encryption function was an instant hit with the users of Redraw Keyboard, who found that it helped guard their texts from nosy partners or busybodies on public transport.

When you try sending a text using this function, you’ll find its primary value isn’t in safeguarding your texts from intelligence agencies, so much as in making sure the texts you receive can’t be read (i.e. decrypted) from the notification popping up on the lock screen. When you get an encrypted text about, say, the rager you went to last weekend when your mom thought you were at a sleepover — even if she darts an ever-so-innocent glance at your phone, she won’t be able to make anything of the garbled notification.

Redraw Keyboard adds a great deal of features and functions to the default Android user experience — from granular changes to how the keyboard background, fonts and colors look, to instant translation, Google Drive integration and more — but none, it turns out, is quite as popular with the young demographics as keeping messages under lock and key.

With this in mind, our devs next asked the question ‘How can our launcher help with the same privacy issue?’ That’s how we came up with the app icon hiding feature of Redraw Launcher — which makes controversial app icons disappear from your home screen. What’s controversial these days? Anything that could get us in hot water with whoever it is that’s looking over your shoulder. For instance, the apps that could — ehem — inflame your SO with jealousy, or the kind that could make parents pack you off to gaming rehab.

The newly released Hidden Apps feature in Redraw Launcher wraps them all up in an invisibility cloak where you alone know to look to magically conjure them up.

These days, you don’t have to be 007 to have a real need for spy-grade tools that keep elements of your life under wraps — in a culture defined by oversharing, peak levels of curiosity are a natural side effect, so it’s just as natural that we’d want to have safeguards against it in place. Some are already available for users of the Redraw suite of apps — are there others we haven’t thought of yet? Chime in below and help us buck the system!

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