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Celebrate Life…

Hi Guys! Idk whether I was much matured to talk about Life bcoz may be the people you much know about life as you faced a lot of situations In your life than me, and definitely it will be sure that you have a different vision and I respect that.

Okay! Let’s get into our stuff. well, I was doing my graduation in SIST Chennai. Up to now, I have a lot of situations that had taught me a lot about life. And I don’t believe that life is what the job you doing, what salary you’re getting, what car you own? It was a beautiful thing in God’s creature. It’s all related to us, humans! You know what! Until you come across a person or a situation you’ll not get to know about the thing entirely. And try to avoid thinking wrong about one person or a thing until you encounter it!.

Yeah, I have come across many hurdles and came to know about the people who love you a lot will be not yours permanently and you have a priority on someone but it was not bad that you were not their most priority. Really you wonder the things that you have done in your life till now either may some will give you laugh and cry but those are your experiences, you may feel sometimes that How foolish am I?. Remember that if life gives you a hundred reasons to cry show it you have millions of reasons to laugh. If you have much struggled with some pain, decide to cry only once in your life for a particular reason and that will be the last cry for that reason no matter what!. But don’t get into depressing, just share the things with your loved ones it’ll be sure that you’ll get relief through your heart.

“We do not remember the days -we do remember the moments”

In our Life, there will be some persons who become our favorite let maybe some of our friends who can grab all our attention make us laugh, cry, motivate, and inspire a lot. I don’t understand why people search for inspiration and why don’t they find it themselves and the surrounding environment. If you find correctly, there will be a father, mother, and someone in our life who keep u motivating always. Try to find out more positivity from your beside.

These times our world is in a pandemic stage just pray to get out this ASAP. I wonder sometimes even in this situation many people running for only money there will be their respective reasons but one should survive and as a human being we should do our part for the one who in need. I Admit that money was needed to live in this society but it was not the only option to live …For me, it’s only our mindset, and the people you earn make u happy….

“Cherish all the happy moments”

Keep smiling, keep loving!

your’s lovingly signing off @Rajesh…If you want to know about the author more here it is https://sites.google.com/view/rajesh-yaragundla/home



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