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Love to Dad…

Hii Guys!! This time let’s come to some reality…

A man who got married and has a son of 8 years old. As every father does he has a dream to see his son in a good position in life. To make the dream comes true he decided to work hard each second, that his son should never be in difficulty for any cause in his future…

As the child wakes up daily at 7 A.M, at the time he woke up dad will be at his office. As usual at night the child will be finishing his homework, dinner and he will go to sleep before dad arrives home. As this schedule goes on, one fine day the children completed all his work and waiting for his dad to come. From past 10 to 10 P.M dad arrived home full of tiredness. As dad saw his son awake he felt very sad and scolded him that you should go to sleep by this time. The Son said that he needs some money let it be RS.300, the dad got angry over him as by age 8 you are asking RS.300 and you didn’t know how I am working hard for your education but you are much irresponsible about that and the child got upset and lied on his bed.

The following day the child woke up early apart from his daily schedule. And went to dad, asked him how much he earns for an hour. Dad gets furious this time and scolded his wife to grow up the children with some ethics and discipline. But the child didn’t stop asking the question, dad replied with anger that he earns Rs.2000 for an hour.

Then the child has gone to his room and came out and he took dad’s hand kept amount Rs.2000. Dad was confused, he doesn’t know what to do and remained silent.

The child came to dad and said that ”Dad you are daily working so much hard to educate me but I was not getting any chance to enjoy with you, talk to you, and many I was missing you very badly. So I decided to give you the amount for an hour you earn and asking you to spend that time with me.” The Dad gets into tears, he was just overwhelmed with his words and decided to spend time with his son.

To all great Fathers out there-” We all are very lucky to have you in our world, we are want to cherish every moment have to spend with you. So please understand your children and spend time, spread love with them. It was equal to some crores of happiness to us…!”.

Keep smiling, keep loving your’s lovingly signing off @Rajesh…If you want to know about the author more here it is https://sites.google.com/view/rajesh-yaragundla/home



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