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Hello, guys out there!!

Let me introduce myself to this world….

I’m Rajesh pursuing engineering 2nd year at SIST in Chennai.

yeah!! I’m here to share a small story which I have heard from on my social media platform.

And here it is….

As nowadays we people get bored and we spent a lot of time on social media, while I was doing that I’ve listened to this one. A man went to ATM to withdraw some cash and assume cash of RS.86400/- and I’ll tell u why I have assumed this figure,.As he got out of the ATM, the cash consists of various denominations of 2000,500 and 100. As suddenly, a thief has tried to steal the amount but the man tried a lot and he just lost RS.400/-.

The man became furious and went to a police station and filed a complaint, at the police station he has to pay some amount to assume RS.1000 to speed up the process in finding his amount and the man get convinced to pay the amount. At next he wants to meet a lawyer to file a petition in the court there also he has to pay the amount roughly RS.10000/- and it was not finished he wants to go to court for a couple of days in a week and it goes on… After all when police found the theft and gave his lost amount RS.400/- he wants to tally the total amount he has with and it is RS.40000/-..


Okay!! you all wondered that it is a common thing which was happening in our society but now I decode my story...

The amount what I’ve assumed “86400” is total SECONDS in a day and as I’ve described a thief (some issues ) has drawn your attention, time for a “400” seconds..if you just leave that issue then you may have “86000-Seconds” but many of us didn’t do that as I mentioned in the story, we just think around it more and more and we lose our most valuable time...

Don’t do that and Don’t let yourself down...

Guys, as it was my first blog I didn’t found much better thing than.. and I’ve started with a little story which was a part of our lives..and that’s it for this blog stay safe take care Have a Good Luck!! signing off ..R@jesh…:)



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