TaaS — Bancor Token Relay Instruction

The TaaS Bancor Token Relay and conversion is now activated and available for use!

The Token Relay is a new way to convert between Bancor (BNT) and TaaS (TAAS) tokens. With an easy-to-use widget, owners of the tokens can exchange ETH, BNT, or any other Bancor-based tokens for TAAS.

This is a detailed guideline for TaaS users on how to convert tokens using the TaaS — Bancor Token Relay.

Step 1: Navigate to the TaaS to Token Relay widget

On the TaaS website, clicking “Convert” will open the Token Relay widget.

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Buying and selling tokens are only available using WEB3 wallets (Metamask, Parity, or Mist).

Use any of those wallets to log you in to your account.

Note: If you are using MEW, follow the instructions on how to access your MEW account via MetaMask.

Step 3: Convert tokens

Connecting your wallet allows you to exchange your assets. Just select the token pair you would like to buy or sell.

Note: The first page does not represent the complete list of tokens available. Use the search tool to find TAAS, TAAS/BNT, and others.

You may also set up price limits in the Advanced Settings tab.

Step 4: Confirm the transaction

Proceed the conversion by confirming the transaction through your wallet tab in the usual way. Once the conversion is successful, your token balance will be shown in your wallet.


As a user-friendly exchange platform, Token Relay encourages new users not only to purchase TAAS, but also allows current holders to benefit from TAAS/BNT. Conversion between any token and TAAS/BNT always proceeds with a fixed price (as there’s no bid and ask), and charges a 0.1% fee. The liquidity of Token Relay is supported by TAAS/BNT holders who store their “Smart Tokens” on the Relay and share a portion of conversion fees.

To learn more about The TaaS-Bancor Token Relay, please see the announcement regarding the TaaS-Bancor Token Relay launch.