TaaS Becomes the First Institutional Partner of the Hacken Ecosystem

October 13, 2017 – Kyiv, Ukraine – Token-as-a-Service (TaaS), the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets, announces its strategic partnership with Hacken, Ukraine-based managing company for a cybersecurity ecosystem, focused on blockchain security.

Since 2009, 3 out of every 10 Bitcoin exchanges have been hacked. This disturbing statistic undermines the credibility of the blockchain technology on which Bitcoin cryptocurrency is based. Meanwhile, blockchain technology itself has a much wider application outside Bitcoin, ranging from smart contracts in e-commerce and real estate to improved communal sharing of electricity costs.

Understanding this, a group of cybersecurity professionals from Ukraine created the Hacken Ecosystem, a conglomeration of cybersecurity businesses aiming to improve the security of computer code and networks in numerous areas, including blockchain. The Hacken Token Sale Event will take place on October 31, 2017. During the pre-sale that took place on September 18–25 the company managed to raise an equivalent of $650,000.

Dmitriy Budorin, Hacken Co-Founder and CFO adds, “We want to invest all our talent and skills in protecting the blockchain. The founders of Hacken have been already involved in improving cybersecurity for a number of international businesses and in helping the Ukrainian government overcome recent cyberattacks. This partnership with TaaS is an important milestone, as it boosts our traction in the blockchain community right before our upcoming Token Sale Event.”

TaaS is well acquainted with the Hacken team and their expertise in cybersecurity. Being a part of a white hat community, they have proven themselves to be vested in secure protection of blockchain technology.

As an active trader and holder of cryptoassets, TaaS is particularly focused on blockchain security. The partnership between TaaS and Hacken aims to redefine security standards of cryptospace. It will establish a new level of safety and protection for the Fund’s data and assets. TaaS invites other crypto investment funds to follow their example to promote adoption of the Hacken Ecosystem.

Ruslan Gavrilyuk, TaaS Co-Founder and President states, “Day after day blockchain becomes ubiquitous. It should be essential to incorporate and improve cybersecurity principles in its implementation. We are excited to partner with Hacken, who’s now en route to creating a promising global marketplace with a particular emphasis on blockchain security”.

In September, Hacken presented their platform at the world’s biggest ICO Pitch Competition at the 9th edition of the d10e Conference, was chosen among the top three, and won the prestigious award of 33 BTC. An investment prize pool of 100 Bitcoins was provided by the judges, all members of the BIC (Blockchain Investors Consortium), in return for tokens in the top three winners’ pre-sales.

Mike Costache, Blockchain Investors Consortium concludes, “We at the BIC continue to seek out, encourage and invest in new concepts and vision, supported by sound technology for groundbreaking innovations in blockchain endeavors. We understand the absolute importance of cybersecurity, and proudly welcome and support Hacken as the provider and guardian for a new industry standard of blockchain security.”

About Hacken:

Hacken Ecosystem is a community-based business organization consisting of the HackenProof bug bounty marketplace, Zero-day Remuneration Platform, Hacken Accelerator and Cybersecurity Analytics Center. Hacken Ecosystem utilizes its own cryptocurrency HKN – a dedicated cryptocurrency for white hat hackers, to incentivize users to interact with its ecosystem. Hacken’s vision is to launch a movement that in several years will become one of the main driving forces deterring and countering international cybercrime.