TaaS Committed to the Transparent Asset Management, Launching the Updated Cryptographic Audit.

March 1, 2018 — Singapore — Token-as-a-Service (TaaS), the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets, announces the roll-out of its next-generation Cryptographic Audit.

In order to completely fulfill its role, TaaS has launched Cryptographic Audit, a cornerstone of its declaration of transparency. TaaS built an in-house Cryptographic Audit (CA) technology system to provide high standards for money flow in blockchain projects. CA is a set of monitoring tools that allows any member of the public, regardless of TaaS token ownership, to easily validate portfolio balances.

TaaS has revealed details of the new upgraded Cryptographic Audit, which can be viewed live at https://taas.fund/audit/

In its updated form of development, TaaS’ CA contains the following features:

Improvement on technology

Implementing a new approach to data uploading and processing makes it possible for CA to automate data collection of TaaS ‘balances. This has resulted in a full-fledged database of TaaS’ holdings on exchanges and wallets. The comprehensive overview of the portfolio produced, demonstrates maximum accuracy.

New design

CA comes with an improved user interface, which makes it easy, efficient and user-friendly. The new design provides a better UX for smooth and intuitive interaction.

TaaS portfolio daily snapshot

Information is derived from blockchains and is based on TaaS’ hardware and software storages, as well as balances on the exchanges. Information is updated automatically, providing the overview of the portfolio on a daily basis.

The animated portfolio pie-chart of TaaS’ holdings discloses the list of stored assets andthe list of early-stage/vested contributions.

Historical data

Line chart history of TaaS’ balances aggregates the daily snapshots.


The list of TaaS’ storages accounts (ETH, BTC, ERC20 tokens) with links to addresses on blockchain explorers.

In October 2016, TaaS begu a journey inspired by the idea of bringing transparency to blockchain funds management. It took just a few months for the team to come close to achieving this goal. The alpha of Cryptographic Audit was launched right after the TaaS Token Sale in May 2017. Along with its trading and contribution activities managed in an open and public manner, the team was working hard to improve CA. Great challenges had to be overcome for the progress we have made.

Today the TaaS team takes pride in their brand new Cryptographic Audit, demonstrating a firm commitment to the policy of openness and transparency.