TaaS invests 300 ETH in Digital Developers Fund to diversify into domain names

Kyiv, Ukraine — July 7, 2017 — Token-as-a-Service (TaaS), the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund that allows its investors to capitalize on the rise of blockchain markets, today announced its strategic investment in Digital Developers Fund’s (DDF), a fund focused on high growth of digital assets such as domain names (aka Internet Real Estate). After creating the TaaS — DDF strategic partnership for investing in digital assets on July 7th, TaaS has joined DDF’s Token Allocation Event (TAE) with an investment of 300 ETH.

Established in 2010 as the Domain Developers Fund, DDF currently owns over 1,540 premium domains such as Swords.com, Audits.com, Exhibitions.com or PR.uk. Rebranded in 2017 as the Digital Developers Fund, the company utilizes a structured approach to investments in crypto assets to profit from the extraordinary growth in this space.

In order to expand its operations and asset acquisitions, DDF is now gearing up to raise $90 million via a TAE, which has commenced on July 10th. The DDF token (DDF) serves as “proof-of-membership” in the fund and grants holders access to quarterly profit sharing distributions. DDF has already raised 3,647 ETH (equivalent to $735,684 million) including an investment of 300 ETH from TaaS.

”We are honored to have TaaS as one of our top institutional investors and I am very happy that Ruslan Gavrilyuk, President of TaaS has decided to join DDF’s Advisory Board in order to provide his expertise during DDF’s Token Allocation Event,” said Michael Marcovici, Managing Director of DDF.

The strategic investment partnership between DDF and TaaS allows the highest standards of transparency for money flows into blockchain projects. To provide transparent mapping of the fund’s investment activity post its Token Allocation Event, DDF will use TaaS’ proprietary Crypto Audit technology. This set of monitoring tools lets any member of the public to easily validate the trading history and portfolio balances. This technology is going to be a key component in providing investors the necessary transparency and reassurance that DDF keeps with its investment strategy.

“DDF has a proven and profitable model so it was a fairly easy decision to structure this strategic investment partnership which allows DDF to grow much faster and which provides TaaS a good diversifation,” said Mr. Gavrilyuk, President of TaaS.

Since its month-long TAE on April 27, TaaS made six investments totaling 2500 ETH and 422 BTC. The fund has already invested 500 ETH to Mysterium Network, 70 BTC to Sphre Air, 352 BTC to Bancor, 1000 ETH to TenX, 500 ETH to Dao.Casino and recently 300 ETH to DDF. As of today, TaaS holds the following tokens in its portfolio: 122,400 MYST (Mysterium Network), 293,375 BNT (Bancor Network), 1,059,210 XID (Sphre Air), 420,000 PAY (TenX), 200,000 BET (DAO.Casino) and 300,000 DDF (Digital Developers Fund). Its own TaaS token (TAAS) is currently trading on Liqui, LiveCoin, HitBTC and CoinExchange.io exchanges.

TaaS keeps a close eye on the rapid evolution of crypto assets and invests in the most progressive innovations in this space. Beside its trading activity and long-term investment strategy, TaaS is constantly expanding its cooperation with other members of the crypto community and welcomes new partnerships.