TaaS Joins the Driving Forces for the Future of Blockchain Technology

Singapore, April 16, 2108 – TaaS consistently attends the top blockchain and fintech events worldwide, and our representatives is speaking at Keynote’s World Blockchain Forum. TaaS has established its dedication to the world’s blockchain community, a driving force coming together to share unique experiences and create the future of breakthrough products and services.

Since its beginning more than a year ago, TaaS has proved itself as an active player within the blockchain space. Networking became an integral part of the TaaS team’s activities. We began with pitching TaaS during its Token sale and today our team members visit top blockchain events as invited experts and contest judges.

Not long ago, TaaS co-founder and President Ruslan Gavrilyuk was invited as a speaker to the Crypto Summit 2018. He joined The Rise of Crypto Hedge Funds discussion panel of Europe’s premier cryptocurrencies and blockchain conference on March 28 in Zurich, Switzerland. [Watch video]

TaaS is a co-host and sponsor of the d10e Conference series, the leading conference series on decentralization. Ruslan Gavrilyuk is a jury member of the Startup Pitch Competition by d10e and, as a founding member of the Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC), TaaS is one of the members continuing toward the investment pool prize for this event.

Just recently Ruslan Gavrilyuk visited the 20th edition of d10e in Liberland, and the entire founding team attended the 17th edition in Seoul at the beginning of March.

Ruslan Gavrilyuk, is also a regular speaker at Keynote events. Keynote’s World Blockchain Forum is the top, longest running blockchain and crypto-technology conference. Currently Keynote welcomes leaders of the crypto community from around the globe in Dubai. Mr. Gavrilyuk is taking part in the Investment panel with John Paul Souza, Esteban Van Goor and Eran Eyal on April 17, 2018.

“While running our regular business processes, the TaaS team is committed to cooperating and promoting blockchain inclusion. It is an essential component of the overall effort to improve the global investment climate of the industry. We always encourage the exchange of best practices and lessons learned among players in the market,” said Ruslan Gavrilyuk.

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