A couple of weeks ago when I landed in Amsterdam, it finally hit me that I am traveling the world. It is happening!

First week in Amsterdam has been amazing. I am writing this post actually in The Hague because the past couple weeks I’ve been enjoying myself so much that I haven’t logged online much.

In addition to the sightseeing, I’ve met up with quite a few people. Dutch people are so friendly. A notable person that I’ve met is a fellow Redditor that promised me a drink if I ever visit Amsterdam on my original Reddit thread about traveling the world. (Hi Anne!)

A habit that I kept on from California is my morning run. I’ve done five to ten kilometers every morning in and out of Dam Square, Red Light District, and other touristy areas before people wake up. My epic training in San Francisco really paid off as this felt too easy.

A funny thing that I’ve kept up from San Francisco is that I would hi-five any other runner that I come across (you usually meet at most 2 people on a 7am run in SF). This whole week in Amsterdam I only met one other runner. I screamed “Go Team!” and raised my hand for a hi-five. He immediately got it and we connected a hi-five. That was delightful.

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