Get wireless with your CE offerings

What if you could empower your licensees by offering courses that are all hosted in a single place, taken at their own pace, and you made their experience significantly better? You may not know it, but you already can by creating online continuing education (CE). Should you be an online CE provider? The answer is yes, and here’s why!

The CE landscape before virtual courses

Live courses are a standard for continuing education, but regardless of material, the general sentiment is clear: licensees dread the process.

For your licensees, attending live courses is time-consuming and can conflict with their work schedules, costing them money. The course venues may or may not be conveniently located as well. Then they have to sit for however long and pay attention to what may be a nearly identical course to last renewal cycle and pass an exam that literally will determine if they can go to work on Monday or not.

For you, there is the need to develop course materials, get a location, and market the course to all the licensees that will need it. This has to be done not only each time you provide a course, but every time you reoffer it as well. Even after a course finishes, you have to gather all the results as they come in and report them to a regulatory body.

Why online CE is changing professional learning

In a virtual space, continuing education has the ability to thrive. Every course you offer can be hosted in a singular place, so licensee’s have a one-stop-shop for their course needs, and you remove the cost of a physical location.

Digital courses use multimedia components that make courses more interactive and one-on-one, while also replacing print course materials. By being online, the courses also give licensees the means to maintain their daily schedules and meet their credit hours when and where they want.

Licensees’ results are also available immediately after completing a course, and all of the various results are bundled so you can submit them to regulatory bodies for approval easier.

Improve the experience while cutting costs

Live courses are not cheap. Locations, instructors, course materials, and marketing all start to add up. Online CE allows you to provide for your licensees in new and empowering ways while also costing you less.

You can have your own provider page to customize, upload as many courses as you want, update courses anytime, and use a variety of multimedia tools to take your curriculum to greater heights. You can even pull analytics on your courses to see where your licensees are thriving and struggling, all for a royalty on course purchases. No upfront or hidden costs.

Empower your students and yourself

The question should not be whether you should become an online CE provider? Instead, you should be asking yourself: Why am I not one already? You can still have live courses, but you can also give your students a virtual option at no major cost. They gain the power to complete their requirements the way they want to, and you get to be the reason why.