DIY Marketing: The Basics

Marketing continuing education (CE) courses the right way means making sure the right licensees find them. That is a big responsibility, so if your CE host offers marketing assistance, take it, but be a co-pilot in the process.

Doing some of the marketing yourself allows you to better understand your licensees; taking a backseat approach means not being able to understand your licensees to the fullest. You should know how they respond and what reaches them best, so you can continue to empower them in future renewal cycles, and that means handling some of the marketing yourself.

Why online media and tools matter

You have a lot of options when it comes to doing course marketing yourself, so to help, we have built a list of the top online media and tools you should use for the job. As for why online marketing, let’s start with the fact that CE is becoming an online industry, and you should always market where your customers are.

Online marketing can also accurately and efficiently target the right licensees for your courses, reach licensees on desktop and mobile devices, track all of your metrics and analytics, and link to all your branded pages, from your website to your course host.

Where to start with your DIY Marketing

This list is is to let you know where you should start your course marketing, and runs through the biggest benefit of each medium or tool, as well as the biggest threat or difficulty. In the upcoming weeks, we will dive deeper into each with greater detail, from how to use it, what to avoid, and where to best spend your marketing dollars.