The quickie guide to setting up shop

When someone clicks on one of your courses, they are taken to your branded Table Mesa provider page. Below are steps to customize your page to work best for you and best serve your licensees.

First add a cover photo.

Pick something that is relevant to your industry and that will increase the visual appeal and uniqueness of your offerings. Run your cursor over the header image and click the red “Change” button to edit it.

Recommended Format: 1121 x 320 px (JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF)

Next add a profile picture.

Add a custom logo or profile picture that represents your company. Run your cursor over the Logo image and click the red “Change” button to edit it.

Recommended Format 178 x 178 px (JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF)

Update your company information and add a description.

To add or edit your company description, click the account name in the top right corner and select the “Profile” option.

Click the “Profile” tab to enter your company contact information. Then click the “Account” tab to edit your company name, address, and description. Use the description area to explain who your company is, what accreditations you hold, and any other pertinent information you think licensees would like to know about your company before purchasing your courses.

On this page, you can also customize your Table Mesa URL. Pick a URL that is either relevant to your industry or reflects your business name. Share that URL with your community and spread the word about your CE store. In addition, you can also add social media links to your page to help build your exposure and better market your courses.

Don’t forget to hit the blue “Save Changes” button when you are done.

Don’t forget to set up your account to get paid!

If you will be charging money for your courses, you will to decide how you want to get paid. If you would prefer receiving a monthly check, here is an article on how to set that up. If you would like to receive direct deposits instead, check out this article.

Click here to get started, and if you have any questions, feel free to email us. Good luck!