Major updates for you in 2018

We know it’s cliche but we can’t help but feel re-energized as we begin the new year. We asked you for a lot of feedback last year and we found your biggest desire was simplicity. Course-building, student management, and license reporting should be easy. So we put our heads together to design the simplest interface possible and we are bringing it to your Educator account as of February 6th, 2018. Here is everything that has changed so far.

Simplified Dashboard

We realized our dashboard was not so easy-on-the-eyes. So we took out the fluff, added some contrast, and left only the features that are valuable to you. Now we show the latest, most relevant information at a glance with 4 new widgets on the dashboard.

  • Revenue
  • Course Performance
  • Student Activity
  • Resources

Each widget can be clicked for more details.

← Old Dashboard | New Dashboard →

Quick view your courses

Now you can view your courses in list or card form and filter by completions and average customer ratings with a quick click from your dashboard. Click into your published courses to see more details or edit a course.

All your courses at a glance


This section shows a customizable revenue chart that was previously only available on the dashboard (and not customizable). This section also includes a cleaner look and a detailed overview of each transaction.

Our new Coupon builder gives you the ability to run seasonal promotions, holiday sales and exclusive offers for members. Coupons are a breeze to set up and make your courses more desirable!

Account Settings

Make the most of your Table Mesa account by filling out all of your account settings. There are four new sections here:

General- This is pretty straightforward but people often overlook the discount program. Check this box and we will promote your courses for a slight discount.

Billing- Where the real numbers live. Each month this updates your total course sales, net income, and payment method. Don’t forget to fill out your bank information so we can pay you faster.

Notifications- Get notified when someone starts a course, finishes a course, or turn off notifications from this page.

Integrations- We currently have a strong integration with CE Broker. Never worry about reporting CEU’s again. All you need to do is connect your CE Broker account and we will do the rest.

We want to include more integrations so if you have suggestions, we would love to hear them. Please send your integration ideas to

You’re not just a Provider

Since our inception, we’ve referred to you as a “Provider” because that’s what the industry calls you. However, we decided to draw a clear line in the sand. You provide a service, an experience, and a higher education all in one interaction. We would rather not lump you into a generic term and prefer to call you what you really are, “Educators”.

And we’re not done yet!

This is just the beginning of a long-due redesign for our Educators. Our next project is to make course-building easier with a cleaner interface, new features, and of course, your ideas. We look forward to giving you the best continuing education experience possible.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the current changes, as well as any ideas for the future. You are our partners and you shouldn’t be afraid to give it to us straight. Show us some tough love at

With a smile,

-The Table Mesa Team