User reviews have never had more power

Creating and offering courses is your purpose as a provider. However, as stated in our Offer a course, or offer an experience? article, there is a difference between delivering information and actually educating professionals. One of the main differences lies in the use of feedback.

There is a lot of data you can pull from your courses, but when we say feedback, we specifically mean the opinions of licensees that took your courses. In our opinion, this is the most important data you can pull.

Why Licensee Feedback Matters

Take a look at these three facts about licensees:

  • They are professionals in their fields
  • CE is a requirement for them
  • They will likely renew multiple times in their careers

Many providers look at this list and see reasons to not concern themselves with licensee feedback. It makes sense, because without diving deeper, these facts all revolve around the fact that licensees need the provider.

There is an issue with that way of thinking though. Take a look at the facts when they are broken down further, and you’ll see it:

  • As active, trained, and licensed professionals, they are incredibly qualified when it comes to making suggestions on CE curriculum and know quality material from average material
  • Requirements can be met many ways, and licensees have strong opinions as to how they prefer to take CE, and what works and what does not
  • Renewals are a part of a long career, and licensees remember their experiences from past renewals, and will choose their CE the next time around based on their experiences

Same facts, but when expanded on like this, the issue becomes clear: licensees don’t have to take your CE.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of providers offering courses that meet the same requirements, and there is no mandate for licensees to meet those requirements with you. Using licensee feedback to your advantage is the way to make them choose your courses over the rest.

Putting Your Licensee Feedback to Use

All Table Mesa courses have a star rating at the end, but to get the real opinions from your licensees, you need to survey filled with custom questions that ask them about their experiences. This is the feedback that can help you make real improvements. To learn more about making effective surveys, check out our Surveys that serve you article.

With the surveys included, you can then read through all the opinions and feedback, which we automatically consolidate for you. Just click Courses from your Dashboard, select the course you want feedback from, and go to the Results tab at the top.

As for putting your feedback to use, there is no standard method; you get to decide what to do based on the feedback you receive. Maybe you don’t change a thing, maybe you improve courses, or maybe you change your entire approach to creating courses. Feedback is yours to use as you wish, but knowing the difference between positive and negative feedback will help you know where to start.

Negative feedback is the most valuable feedback! Sure, it sucks to get bad news, but you can use their opinions alter curriculum, design, and your profile. Knowing what doesn’t work is the way to finding what does, and putting feedback to use will lead to results.

Positive feedback is the ideal result from your efforts! Positive feedback shows that licensees are getting exactly what they need. Sometimes, this happens on the first try, and other times, you need to use the negative feedback you receive to later get positive feedback.

When the positive feedback comes, you will have proof that your course process is working, and that, for now, you should keep doing exactly what you are doing. Then, if negative feedback comes back, start the process again, and make your courses even better!