You already have everything you need!

When it comes to continuing education (CE), you have what it takes to make great courses. All you need are the resources to make it happen and a little motivation to get you started. We’re here to give you those resources and support to help you every step of the way!

We need providers like you!

Renowned leadership speaker Simon Sinek says that success starts with why we do something. So why does CE matter? It is a requirement that makes professionals better at their jobs. Why do we need providers like you? Professionals think current CE is boring and only do it because they have to. CE needs to be better, and we can help you make it happen!

The recipe for success

Throughout Simon Sinek’s work, he makes references to the “recipe for success,” the three resources considered necessary for an individual or organization to be successful:

  • The right market conditions,
  • The right people, and
  • The money.

You already have all three of these! Take a look:

The demand for CE is expanding rapidly, with over 300 different industries requiring courses. That market is perfect for you to empower professionals with your knowledge now, and expand your audience as you grow.

You are also an expert in your field, and have knowledge worth sharing. With connections like Table Mesa, you can get your approvals and start now! Add the thousands of professionals on Table Mesa into the equation, and you have both a great team behind you and an instant audience in front of you!

Lastly, professionals are looking for better courses, and are willing to pay premium prices for a great experience. A free Table Mesa account allows you to use your knowledge to create high-caliber courses that educate and captivate professionals. We help you make bigger profits and more impact!

Making courses has never been easier

So we covered that CE needs providers like you, and that you already have the recipe for success. All that’s left is to start making your courses. With Table Mesa at your side, it’s easy.

Your provider account includes a state-of-the-art course builder, meaning you can use your expertise to build amazing, interactive, and beautiful courses quickly and easily. Need help along the way? You have a dedicated account rep to walk you through the process too.

Let’s get started … together!

So let’s review.

Why CE needs you: you are an expert capable of improving the way CE empowers professionals across the country!

How you can you do it: Get approved, work with Table Mesa, start your CE business, and sell courses!

What you can do: create amazing and educational courses, make money doing it, and change CE for the better!

Don’t wait! If you already have an account with Table Mesa, you can log in at any time and get started. If you want help, you can schedule a virtual sit-down with your account rep at your convenience.

Just deciding that it’s time to become a CE provider? Visit and start your free provider account. You can request a free demo to see how you can use Table Mesa to start turning your knowledge into influence and profits today!