A Mini Gift Guide for the RPG Podcaster

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Dec 1, 2020 · 2 min read

Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for the RPG podcasters in your life.

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This is not a “tech” gift guide. Headphones, microphones, sound proofing, and more can easily be found on any podcaster essentials guide anytime of year. But you know what can help podcasters create or add something extra to their stories? Consultants, Editors, Sound Designers, and Graphic Designers.

Here’s our “mini” guide to giving the gift of helping the RPG podcaster in your life add something extra to their show.

Consultations: Creative Production Support

Sometimes the stories come easily, but figuring out exactly how to produce the show is difficult.


Consultations: Sensitivity & Diversity

GMs create entire worlds and characters. Sensitivity and diversity consultants help build their worlds as safe spaces for marginalized communities.

Audio Editing & Sound Design

Audio editing can be overwhelming, especially when you’re running the rest of the show.


Graphic Designers

Beautiful artwork can make a show look polished and professional.

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Music Commissions

Does the podcaster in your life wish they could have their very own unique theme music?


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