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Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for friends, family, partners, or even yourself

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If you’re here, I’m assuming dear reader that you are like me. You have folks in your life that love a good RPG, tabletop or otherwise. And though I will always adore a new set of dice, that is never the only gift option for lovers of this incredible genre. Allow me to make your gift-giving a little easier this year while supporting the creators in our community.


D20 Candles by The Fabled Flame

Created in Spokane, Washington, Kendra Burlison makes beautiful D20 candles, with a wide range of custom options on top of her standard collection. She even has a range of Pride flag candles!

More info: Website | Etsy | Twitter


Coffee by Grinding Coffee Co.

While Grinding Coffee Co. isn’t specifically TTRPG related, I’m sure you can all agree that coffee is necessary for those early-morning game or game recording. Grinding Coffee Co. is a black, LGBTQ+ owned coffee business that supports and partners with several RPG streamers.

More info: Website | Twitter

Game Accessories

Dice Tray by Wheatland Woodwork

Wheatland Woodwork is a small Canadian business that specializes in custom and affordable game woodworking. They make dice trays, dice towers, and game tables.

More Info: Website | Instagram

Dice by HeartBeat Dice

HearBeat Dice is a queer & BIPoC owned and operated small business. They are the creators of the original Pride Dice and offer a variety of Pride-themed dice sets and accessories. They also give back to the LGBTQIA+ community by donating portions of their dice sales year-round directly to related charities such as Howard Brown Health and The Trevor Project.

More Info: Website | Twitter

5e Character Book by Luke Howard

Luke Howard is an illustrator out of New Orleans who creates prints, mini-comics, patches, and easy to use 5e DnD character booklets, of which I own two and couldn’t keep track of my characters without.

More Info: Website | Twitter

Minis & Structures by Galaxy Gaming Gear

Galaxy Gaming Gear makes modular buildings and set pieces as well as terrain and dungeon tiles. My personal favourites are the HDF board minis that come in themes ranging from species (monsters and humanoids) to themes (caves and cults) to party packs (seas, desert, viking, townsfolk, townguard, etc.).

More Info: Website | Twitter


Tees & Pins by Paola’s Pixels

Paola’s Pixels is a one-person owned and operated small business that offers everything from pins to patches to t-shirts and leggings. I adore their design style and Paola’s has been a staple in my gift-giving inventory for my fellow tabletop lovers.

More Info: Website | Twitter


#BLM Donation Art Commissions by Jace Boechler

Jace is creating little mini characters for the cost of a donation to a Black Lives Matter organization. I LOVE the little icon they made of me (as a beefy fight-y type). Content Warning: They make NSFW artwork which is featured on their twitter.

More info: Website| Twitter

Icons and Original Prints by Jess Kuczynski

Jess creates adorable icons for twitter and makes cute and colourful art that showcases a wide range of body types and gender expressions. She’s made several twitter icons for me and I adore them!

More info: Website | Twitter

Games (ofc)

Ready Set Bake by Sunken Rust

When you run out of wholesome baking shows to marathon, play as your favorite baker personality in this GBBO-inspired mini-RPG. With themed recipe challenges, secret ballot voting, and guided mad-lib recipe generation, whip up wild and wacky bakes just like the baking competitions. Using an original RPG system, Ready Set Bake is ideal for roping in family members and friends who aren’t familiar with RPGs but love baking and cooking shows.

More info: Itch.io | Twitter

Songs for the Dusk by Kavita Poduri

We have no idea how long it’s been since the fall. Once, we lived at the peak of an era of unbridled human Radiance. Then, everything came crashing down. The cataclysm tore down our cities, broke our machines, and rearranged the very continents beneath our feet. The societies of old Earth are gone. This is a new world, littered with the wreckage of what came before and run through with a strange new physics that feels almost like magic.

In this Forged in the Dark tabletop RPG, you’ll assemble a crew of brave and compassionate adventurers who explore this strange new world, find out how to help people among the teeming threats that dot its landscape, and figure out what it looks like to build a better future.

More info: Itch.io | Twitter

I’m sorry did you say street magic by Caro Asercion

i’m sorry did you say street magic is a GMless city-building story game for two to six players. Discover and imagine a city filled with life and vivid detail, packed with a myriad of neighborhoods, landmarks, and residents. Discover their true names, and the ways that they intersect — then set events in motion that will change or alter their relationships.

More info: Itch.io | Twitter

Good Society by The Storybrewers

Good Society is a collaborative roleplaying game that seeks to capture the heart, and the countenance, of Jane Austen’s work. It is a game of balls, estates, sly glances, and turns about the garden. At least on the surface. Underneath this, just as in Austen’s own novels, it is a game of social ambition, family obligation and breathtaking, heart-stopping longing.

More info: Website | Twitter

Gifts of Giving

Know someone who has enough stuff but appreciates financial gifts given in their name? Consider donating to these incredible organizations.

The Trans Language Primer

Documenting the rapidly growing language of gender in order to make it easier for folks to track the exciting exploration of human experience through language!

More Info: Website | Twitter

I Need Diverse Games

I Need Diverse Games via all associated platforms and members; including but not limited to: twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other mediums seeks to bring projects, works and research by marginalized folks to light. We also seek to discuss, analyze and critique identity and culture in video games through a multi-faceted lens rooted in intersectionality.

More Info: Website | Twitter

This gift guide was curated by Tess Cocchio.

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