You Killed Me

a poem

Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash

I don’t need to see you anymore
to know what you look like, to 
remember the way your hair
fell just so over your forehead

you are burned into me 
not just a scalding flare
but full-thickness burned into me
you’ve left scars I’ll never be able to hide

and your eyes, the way they melted me
I wonder sometimes who you’re looking at
with those eyes now that it isn’t me anymore
and hasn’t been for a decade, but still, I remember

other people would have called them plain
but I went swimming in those brown depths
other people would have called that love
but I still call it drowning

you killed me, you know
you are my ruiner, and I know I’m not yours
but you’ll always be mine — brown eyes, 
softest hands, you killed me over and over again

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