Webcomic Preview Review: Bearmageddon

With a cover like this you already know this is gonna be quite the show.

A Webcomic by Ethan Nicolle

Artist Ethan Nicolle of the famous webcomic Axe Cop bring another ridiculously entertaining webcomic. Introducing, Bearmageddon!

As the title may hint, this comic is about bears. Lots of them.

This webcomic has bears. Lots of them.

If you haven’t noticed, this comic has a lot of bears and they will be causing a lot of violence. Hence the name Bearmageddon. See for yourself below what these bears can do.


Much like his previous webcomic, Ethan doesn’t hold back anything in Bearmageddon. And that’s what we love. He just goes balls out on the speculative factor. Why are these bears suddenly coming out and attacking? It’s not explained, yet. But it’s definitely awesome to just dive in and see the chaos rising. Make sure to check out the comic if a horde of bears ripping through people is something you can definitely get into.

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