Tachyon Protocol Weekly Report #3

Nov 9, 2019 · 4 min read

4th - 8th, November 2019

— — — — — — — — — ▶︎Development Updates◀︎ — — — — — — —

1.Tachyon VPN 3rd Demo Development — 100%

3rd Demo has optimized client memory footprint and improve the network performance. This version will be updated on our Github today later. Welcome to try and report your feedback.

2. Confirm Technical Plan In November — 100%

We have a formal meeting this week with V SYSTEMS team. This meeting discussed the technical plan on the application of Euclid Smart Contract to Tachyon VPN. We have reached an agreement on the following development plan.

3. Tachyon VPN GUI Client for macOS — 50%

The open source GUI Client version of Tachyon VPN is under development and is expected to be released this month.

4. Wallet Support

1) V SYSTEMS — 95%

The web version of V SYSTEMS wallet has successfully supported to transfer and receive IPX token now. The mobile version is in the test phase and will be released soon.

2) Walk Wallet — 90%

The supporting of Walk Wallet steps into the test stage.It will be launched in November as well.

5. Provider Nodes Pre-registration & staking Development- 100%

The development and test has been completed and will be officially online after IPX token listing.

— — — — — — — — — — ▶︎Marketing Updates◀︎ — — — — — — — —

1.Tachyon Protocol BG Staging Is Online! IPX Token Listing Will Come Soon!

We are very glad to announce our BG Staging on BIthumb Global! BG Staging is the most unique feature of Bithumb Global which help selected projects to reach the Bithumb Global community and drive extensive attention. It’s a warm-up for the upcoming official listing of IPX on Bithumb Global.

Click here to join our BG Staging event >>>

The BG Staging event provides a great starting point to build up the exposure of IPX token. It also opens up possibilities for more participation in the development of the project as well as the community. Tachyon will further improve its liquidity through listing on more top exchanges worldwide.

IPX Token BG Staging participation time starts from 7th to 12th Nov. There will be two round raffles in the following two days. And this event doesn’t require participants to invest fiat or currency. The number of raffle tickets depends on your mainstream token holdings on the platform and the total trading value so staking your digital assets is necessary. When the event ends, you will receive back your stake plus the raffle tickets for IPX rewards.

💰Win 600,000+ IPX Token Rewards By Staking!

🏅Gold Prize: 2,500 IPX * 10 winners

🥈Silver Prize: 5 IPX * 30000 winners

🥉Bronze Prize: 0.25 IPX * 600000 winners

Check our step by step guide for BG Staging event >>>

2. Video Review By Patrick Corsino

This review video has done a fully research on our project. Check it out now!

3. Article Review By IHODL & TheMerkle

Technical part always plays the most significant role in our project. Offering creative concepts is not what we focus on. Technology should make sense. Check these two technology reviews about us.

4. Twitter Ad Campaigns

We are running ad campaigns on Twitter to promote our project to global users.

5. Airdrop

Our airdrop will end on 16th Nov. Don’t forget to confirm your participation status in this spreadsheet and feedback as soon as possible.

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Tachyon Protocol

A Decentralized Internet Protocol. Building the Next-Generation TCP/IP to empower blockchain infrastructure. Co-Launched by V SYSTEMS and X-VPN. Tokenize the Protocol with 50 million users. Join us!


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A Decentralized Internet Protocol Stack Based On Blockchain. https://tachyon.eco

Tachyon Protocol

A Decentralized Internet Protocol. Building the Next-Generation TCP/IP to empower blockchain infrastructure. Co-Launched by V SYSTEMS and X-VPN. Tokenize the Protocol with 50 million users. Join us!

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