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Tack Room Tales

The OTTB Retraining Journey Teaches Mindfulness

Matinee’s Cloud Boots. Photo by Kino McFarland.

Oh, Maddy. Matinee. Miss Maddy Moo. Timber Jenny.

Matinee and I have been through some stuff. Since pulling her shoes in November, she has not been sound unless she was wearing hoof boots. I had hoped that her soles would toughen and her hooves would not crumble as much after being barefoot and being on a good diet, but in stereotypical thoroughbred fashion, that is not the case. At…




Promoting inclusivity in the equestrian world through the art of literature.

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Kino McFarland

Kino McFarland

MFA in Creative Writing. Sideshow performer for 15 years. Internationally screened and award-winning filmmaker. Retraining racehorses for lifelong adventures.

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