7/100 Days Of Public Bookkeeping

A week ago I started a project I titled #100DaysOfPublicBookkeeping. You can read about it here.

First results

One week in (you can see the numbers in the spreadsheet), this is where I am standing on the initial questions from last weeks post:

Some questions I hope to find answers to:
How does it feel to share my finances publicly?
How will this impact my spending?
Will my project trigger a response? Will someone relate?

So how does it feel to share my finances publicly?

Beforehand, a tiny bit scary. After I started it felt sort of freeing; I was happy about doing it (and still am), but it almost immediately felt like too little, too safe, still. But more on that later.

And how will this impact my spending?

So far, it hasn’t. I’ve been closely looking at my spending for some time, and the fact that I’m sharing it online hasn’t made a difference.

Did my project trigger a response? Does someone relate?

This is the most interesting question to me. And I’m glad to say to even just a week in, this project has triggered several very personal interactions with people on the topic of their, and my personal finance. Which makes me optimistic about where this could go.


A few other things I came across:

Sharing everything

I started this project with a (fictional) €0,- and set the goal of making that more, which should at least support my goal (getting by with less). I did this for two reason: 1) Keep it simple for the scope of the project, and 2) I wasn’t sure how safe it is to share a full representation of my personal financial situation online.

But right now I feel context is missing for what’s going on from day to day, and without all the data it’s just not as interesting a project as it could be.

So after checking in on the safety aspects, I aim to publish the entire a full representation of my personal finances, including savings, all the recurring income and outgoing stuff, debt, and so on.

Happened/Didn’t happen

I realized that an overview of transaction by itself doesn’t say all that much about the decision making: it’s just the did happens. So I’ve started to assemble a list of didn’t happens, (incoming & outgoing) transactions that could’ve happened but I chose not to. The list will soon be integrated in the spreadsheet in a second tab.


The first few days I published an end of day overview of what had happened to Twitter, but I paused that. It didn’t seem to be all that interesting, and besides; the data is already in the spreadsheet for anyone who really wants to view it every single day.

I’ll think about a more interesting way to share some information on the progress and learnings along the way. For now, thanks for your interest!