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taclanese is an independent publication run by TACLA.

The Asian Canadian Living Archive (TACLA) is an ongoing reclamation by us and for us.

We at TACLA believe in the power of listening to and recording the stories and wisdoms of those who came before us and did the necessary work to pave a way for us in the present. We also believe in using our creative abilities to engage, expand, and critique the work of our elders, and tell our own stories to forge different ways.

TACLA is a meeting ground for creative storytelling and intergenerational engagement, nurtured by and for our communities. We are committed to creative research, artful representation, and equitable outreach to tell intentional narratives about our histories, presents, and futures.

  1. To Coalesce: To connect and bring pan-Asian artists together in dialogue, creation and resistance
  2. To Keep: To imaginatively remember histories, presents, and stories of pan-Asian Canadian artist communities
  3. To Witness: To animate multiple knowledges in nonlinear, messy and flexible ways for the purpose of empowering, educating and healing communities

TACLA is committed to working collaboratively in decolonial praxis and radical imagination, which means critically working in solidarity with and toward pan-Asian communities.



Taclanese is a publication run by TACLA, featuring critical writing on the Asian Canadian Arts community.

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