Let’s Talk About Inclusion

Send out your new years wishes the old-school way — through postcards, but with a new-age twist. We created tactile cards that play music when used with the Tactopus app. The objective is to get more of your friends to talking about inclusion and accessibility.

Order your cards here: tinyurl.com/singingcards

Conversations about Inclusion

It started with the very good decision to bring Vidushi Jayaswal on board, to help us reach relevant users and build a community around inclusive education. Vidushi, who’s often thinking from the point of view of advocacy, awareness and nuanced conversations, had the bright idea that one of our products — the nursery rhyme deck (design process), would be nice gifts for the holiday season. If we could encourage buyers to talk about accessibility and inclusion, we’d have achieved more than simply selling holiday cards.

Join the conversation with #InclusiveSanta and #Inclusive2019
Order your cards here: tinyurl.com/singingcards