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Low-code Data Mesh Startup Tag.bio Leaps Forward with Sanjay Padhi

I’m pleased to announce that Sanjay Padhi, PhD — formerly Head of AWS Research and leader in scientific computing at CERN — has joined Tag.bio as Chief Technologist and Executive Vice President.

Dr. Padhi brings to Tag.bio a wealth of experience in cloud computing architecture and infrastructure for data research and discovery, as well as over 16 years of experience in building products, strategies and solutions for research communities. Most notably, he has led various scientific and computing projects to solve many challenging problems in the scientific world.

On behalf of CEO Tom Covington and all of Tag.bio, I welcome Dr. Padhi’s experience, leadership, and passion for disruptive distributed technology to help us create a (secure) future of precision healthcare.

That future is quickly becoming a reality — thanks to our innovative technology, our leadership, our talented workforce, and our successful customer relationships at major academic medical centers and global pharmaceutical companies. Tag.bio is now in position to deliver our low-code data mesh platform for democratized data research across the global Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) market segments.

Tag.bio website: https://tag.bio
For more information: https://tag.bio/company/contact-us/




Tag.bio is a San Francisco, CA startup solving the last mile problem in data analysis for Healthcare and Life Sciences — with a distributed data mesh architecture, a domain-native user experience, full reproducibility, automated cloud orchestration, and enterprise-grade security.

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