Transforming Workplace Pensions for the Digital Age | Interview with Chris Eastwood, Co-Founder of Penfold

In this episode, discover the story behind Penfold, the pioneering digital pensions company. Co-Founder Chris Eastwood shares his motivations and the challenges of navigating workplace pensions. We explore the importance of financial literacy and how Penfold is making saving for retirement easy. Join us as we unravel the complexities of the retirement savings landscape and witness how technology-driven solutions are reshaping the industry. Gain valuable insights into the future of workplace pensions and Chris’s vision for a world where financial security and retirement planning intertwine. Don’t miss this thought-provoking episode that explores the digital transformation of workplace pensions and the possibilities that lie ahead.Meet Our GuestChris Eastwood is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Penfold, the digital pension. Since first learning the astonishing maths of compound interest he’s been passionate about pensions and the benefits of saving as early as possible. Sadly, the industry has let everyday savers down with confusing products and outrageous levels of friction. As a result, 79% of Brits aren’t on track for a comfortable retirement. So Chris set up Penfold with his Co-Founder Pete Hykin to change all this by building a pension experience people actually enjoy using that helps them reach their goals. As Co-CEO at Penfold, Chris focuses on Product, Marketing and Investor Relations.Connect with Chris on LinkedInLearn more about Penfold: https://getpenfold.com/Show LinksFollow us on Twitter: @thedwwpodcast Email us: podcast@digitalworkspace.works Visit us: www.digitalworkspace.works Subscribe to the podcast: click hereYouTube channel: click here