The True Value Of Humans

( This deep message is given by my friend, Vidit Gupta, I’m just acting as a medium, delivering a message on his behalf and adding my stuff too. ) Millions of years ago, dinosaurs ruled this world.... the main was tyrannosaurus rex or t-rex, a carnivorous dinosaur. It felt like it could chew anything which comes to its mind, but that’s not true , even gods are made us believe that no matter how powerful we get, there’s always a bigger fish, for these reptiles it was the meteor........ and just seconds after the meteor crash, they were all gone........ and now they are fossils, used for burning in our locomotive engines in the form of fossil fuels. According to some studies, their nearest descendants are possibly chickens, and today 30 chickens are killed every second and chewed by rulers of modern times, humans. Not only dinosaurs, but these cheeky little creatures called ‘humans’ ,were also shown their true Aukaat. How pitiful.... they were all , dying by a microscopic life form. Humans are pitiful, trying to dominate every single being, they even dominate each other. Always showing their superiority over each other to be cool. Any hater never knows the struggle behind success and the one who knows the struggle is not a hater. That’s why mother earth is kind to us. Ever thought that earth is being disrespected. whenever we carelessly throw anything on the land ,we disrespect mother earth, take her for granted. At the moment, New York city is said to be flooding cause of sea level rising and the reason for it’s coming sinking disaster, are the big skyscrapers. Sometimes I laugh on these humans, they even disrespect themselves. Eating anything government lures them too, consuming whatever the government is giving them. Purchasing things as per sales and not as their needs, they see discounted items then purchase them and then these items get disrespected. They disrespect themselves lying in their comfort zone being good for nothing and being egoistic, a form of disrespecting yourself and the people around you. (By Vidit Gupta)