This time of year always makes me feel like cleaning. I catch up on housework that has been semi-neglected through the cold months. As the Sun gets stronger I always feel more like myself. That cleansing process is internally reflected. This time around the focus is on circumstances and situations I just will not accept anymore. Solutions to problems that only result in a neutral zero, instead of actual progress, and those where I put in time, money, or emotional resources without any prospect of some kind of genuine return. This looks like choosing for the future to put minimal value on relationships where I do the emotional heavy lifting and only receive scraps in return. This also looks like not fighting to be part of spaces where my values aren’t reflected in how community members conduct themselves, because the sense of identity given is incomplete. Looking at the left-hand path spiritual community, and the greater Pagan and occult communities, which all overlap. I could also say this for the beauty and style spaces as well. This also looks like not opting into circumstances that are not a hundred percent what I want, just for the sake of familiarity. When you go through a process of deconstructing and rebuilding your own sense of self, you have to clear away debris, which will show you the places that could use genuine fulfillment, identify what is true to your nature, and then discard anything that does not serve you, does not help you get where you want to go. Sometimes where you want to go drastically changes as you do this, because what’s in the mirror is much more clear. So I am preparing donation bags, to clear out what items I own that are not accretive to progress. For instance as my painting skills advance I am giving away a lot of my old geometric abstract pieces that were more stress relief as opposed to true technical and creative efforts. Summer solstice is symbolic of a full and contented life, and contentment isn’t found in arbitrary structures defining what it means to be worthy in terms of religious or societal value judgments, but in evaluating ourselves, the messages that constantly pour in, and only taking in what is genuine to each of us individually. It is time to be free of distracting clutter. So I like to clean and declutter my home around the spring equanox, and that’s a metaphor for what happens on a concious level, extending out into all parts of my life.

Cleaning house, in both a literal and metaphorical sense.