Gravity and it’s quantum state and in ours I have come to believe that gravity happens depending on how much energy mass can take in at the quantum level. This would be inside the proton with the three quriks but it’s somehow missing the fourth from my understanding quirks only come in pairs so either we just don’t see the fourth one or it’s the proton itself. I happen to think it’s both I think once we get down to the Planck size, we will see a pattern of different charged particles planks. Whatever you wanna call them it will come in a combination of neutral and plus one and of course you can go backwards to, but we’re not here to talk about that see I think energy passing through my mass from the biggest planets down to the quantum scale,what you don’t realize you’re seeing those are the strings of string theory let’s do a thought experiment take a piece of paper. Imagine you live on that paper now take a 3-D basketball and pass it through the paper first you would see a dot then a small circle then a bigger circle then that circle would start to retreat again till it became a dot now if you were living on the paper this would make absolutely no sense, but if you were in the higher dimension, it’s still make no sense because a basketball can’t pass though paper lol but at least you would understand the concept. These are the hollow strings Layers of the onion I thought I’d throw in a little humor there and I have a proposal to test this if I am correct gravity will have a harder time passing through certain larger elements so it will take longer and it will be slow down more so therefore it would give it more weight but we kind of already know that what I want to do is figure out what makes those particles different from the lighter ones so that way we can track down exactly what gravity is I have an idea perhaps all mass absorbs energy universally, at least passing through it kind of like how neutrinos can pass through anything but Albert Einstein propose an idea called lambda. I’ve written another paper on this, but just how we can see a green T-shirt we know that that T-shirt is anything but green because that is the only spectrum of energy that it doesn’t absorb so it radiates it back out I think that is Landa and dark energy I think we’re going to find these new elements don’t absorb and take longer to consume energy but they don’t except a lot of energy so they radiate it back out in the form of lambda dark energy. Thank you for listening. (furthermore, I would like to add I’ve noticed and perhaps this is already been pointed out that everything is on a neutral or plus one in the universe like let’s take odd or even and these change states every time we use them think of negative as building up energy and positive as radiating it I understand 0+1 equals infinity but. There’s also another set of parameters that would equal infinity is if it was in a constant stable environment that was nourishing to all possible combinations, but as the universe changes that Goldilocks zone we will call it changes as well entropy I believe that’s why things radiate particles exist in our universe that shouldn’t because their energy level is too high. Many people have called it different things either space-time but if I had my way, I would call it midi-chlorians. you know off of Star Wars I think that’s what they call it lol plus, It would kinda go along with the movie)

Tony Ratliff