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Embed Instagram Feed on Website For Free- Try Amazing Way

Are you looking for how to embed Instagram feeds on website? Don’t worry; I will provide simple and easy ways to insert the Instagram posts on your website that your customers share.

Instagram feed on website

With these amazing tools, you can insert the Instagram feeds on your website that helps generate more leads and increase user engagement.

There are much time consuming ways to insert the Instagram posts in your website, but what if there is a tool that instantly fetches the relevant Instagram feeds and embed them in your website with a single line code.

There is no need to crop the Instagram post with these tools and upload it to your website gallery. You just need to put a hashtag, mention, or account to get the user-generated content on your website.

It does not fetch the images, but all types of media, from texts to videos, these tools collect all the relevant information in a single line code and display it on your website.

This article will share with you three best ways to embed the Instagram feeds on your website, which are my personal favorite tools to insert Instagram feeds on my website.

3 Best Tools To Embed Instagram Feeds On Website For Free

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is the best social media aggregator as far as I come to know, which is used by big brands to corporates to fetch user-generated content.

With Taggbox Widget, you can collect, curate, and display the social media feeds on your website with simple and easy steps.

You can start using Taggbox Widget with 14 days free trial and use a smart wizard to guide you on making the first instagram feeds widget on your website.

However, here below, I have mentioned the steps to fetch the instagram feeds on your website using the Taggbox Widget tool.

Video guide to embed Instagram feed on the website using Taggbox Widget — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLQcsbOjLw8

Add Instagram Feeds On Website For Free

  • Login to Taggbox Widget Account or create you account(Take your 14 days free trial)
  • Open widget editor in the widget and click on Feeds.
  • Click on Add Feed
  • Choose the Instagram icon to fetch the Instagram feeds using the Taggbox Widget tool.
  • Select the source to generate Instagram feeds — hashtag, profile post, or tagged.
  • Next, click on Create Feed to complete adding the information.
  • Then complete the required authentication process.(make sure that you have a business account on instagram; otherwise, you have to switch for business account)

Steps to Embed Instagram Feed On Website

Follow these steps to embed the instagram feeds on your website:

  • Click the Embed Widget button (located below on the left side corner of the tool)
  • Next, choose the platform where you want to embed the Instagram feeds on your website like HTML, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.
  • Select the height and widget of the widget.
  • Click on the preview button and check how the Instagram Widget is looking. When you are ready with your customization, click on the Get Code button.
  • Paste this code into the body section of the website.

Taggbox Widget is a simple tool with not a single complication, which means even a person without any technical knowledge can use it and boost their website performance.

Embed Instagram Feed On Website — T ry Taggbox Widget(Start 14 days free trial)

Make Your Instagram Feed Shoppable

Want to increase your conversions, get more sales, and boost traffic?

Turn your Instagram feed into Shoppable Instagram feed and publish it on your website.

With Taggbox Commerce, you can easily leverage shoppable Instagram with easy steps;

  • Collect posts from Instagram using hashtags, handles, mentions, etc.
  • Tag products to the collected posts and make it shoppable
  • Publish the shoppable Instagram feed on your online store/website

Be it your branded content or user-generated content, you can make all your content shoppable. You get UGC rights management, product catalog management, insightful analytics, reviews integration, and much more.

Make Your Instagram Feed Shoppable — Try Taggbox Commerce (14 Days Free Trial)


Tagembed is another tool to embed Instagram feeds on your website. This is a budget-friendly tool that is perfect for small businesses.

There are different plans from which you can get a different number of feeds displayed on your website.

You can also start with the basic plan that will not charge any money from you. It’s a free plan where you will get a one feed that updates every 24 hours.

Follow these below steps to start embedding Instagram feeds on your website free of cost using TagEmbed.

  • Start a free trial by creating an account using email.
  • Choose Instagram as a source to get feeds.
  • Click on Add Feed and generate feeds using your profile posts, hashtags, or location
  • You will get the feed and customize your favorite themes, layout, style, size, color, or banner schemes.
  • Next, choose the Embed Widget button option that is located on the left side bottom corner of the page.
  • Generate the embed code and copy it.
  • Paste this code in your website

Tagembed is so simple, and no technical knowledge is required to generate and embed the code on your website. With its basic plan, you can have an insta feed updated on your website, and it increases as you upgrade the plan.

By Own Instagram Embedding Feature

Instagram also offers its users to directly embed Instagram feeds onto their website. If you don’t want to use any tool, then embedding instagram feed directly from the instagram app or website is the much better option.

Follow these below steps and embed instagram feeds on your website without paying any money. Only you have to make a business account or switch to a business account if it already exists.

  • Open your instagram business account in any browser
  • Search for the image using hashtags or any of your favorite image
  • Open that image and select the three dots in the upright corner of the image
  • Select the ‘Embed’ option and copy the code to embed in your website
  • Now open the WordPress editor and copy the code where you want to embed the image
  • Select the area you want to place the image by choosing the ‘+’ icon
  • Now select the ‘Embed’ box and paste the embed code of the image
  • Click on the ‘Update’ or ‘Review’ to check how the image is appearing or make changes accordingly.

These are the three best ways to embed the instagram feeds on your website. Not only from the instagram but from several social media platforms, you can aggregate the social media feeds and embed it to your website.

With Taggbox Widget, you can easily embed lots of Instagram feeds on a website using the single line code, whereas, with Instagram, you have to manually embed the code of the image for each one.

Embed Instagram Feed On Different Website Building Platform

How do I embed an Instagram feed in HTML?

Using Taggbox Widget you can easily embed Instagram feed on HTML Website.

  1. Now open that page on your HTML website where you want to embed Instagram feed.
  2. Directly paste the copied Instagram feed embed code at the place on that page where you like to display it.
  3. Now save the page.

You have successfully added an Instagram feed on HTML Website.

Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress Website

  1. To embed Instagram posts on the WordPress website, login to the website admin panel.
  2. Now select the page or post where you want to add the Instagram feed.
  3. Now Click on the (+) icon and search for Add Custom HTML.
  4. Now paste the copied embed code.
  5. Save the page or post.
  6. Tada!! You have successfully displayed Instagram feed on the WordPress website.

You can also use Taggbox Widget Wordpress Plugin to display Instagram feed on the WordPress website.

These tools also update the feeds according to the hashtag, whereas if you use instagram, you have to do it manually.




Taggbox is the best UGC platform that helps marketers to increase user engagement, build trust, and grow conversions with solutions to discover curate and display user-generated content across all marketing touchpoints.

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