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Celebrate Taiga’s Launch & Earn Rewards During The Inaugural Community Event: The Exploration Begins

Taiga & Karura Join Forces With Up To 500,000 TAI Rewards For DeFi Participants

🎉 We’re super excited to announce the inaugural community event — The Exploration Begins. In preparation for the Taiga launch on Karura Mainnet, we are looking to build a sustainable community that shares a similar passion for Karura and Kusama as us! Introducing the inaugural community event for existing Karura users and new followers.

To get started and become eligible for an airdrop of TAI rewards, join our Discord server and verify your DeFi community status to maximize your earning potential.


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Read on for more details on how to amplify your rewards during this exciting community event.

Event Details

Start Time: 24:00 December 27, 2021 (UTC)

End Time: 23:59 January 9, 2022 (UTC)

Reward Allocation: Up to 500,000 TAI tokens

Objective: Level up your Role (Camper, Trekker, Explorer) via our Discord channel by completing missions

Basic Reward per Role

Camper : 30 TAI

Trekker : 100 TAI

Explorer : 300 TAI

TAI tokens will be allocated based on your role in our Discord server.

How to Qualify

This event is open for everyone who joins our Discord server and meets our Role requirements. Roles are attained by completing missions.

To get started, join the and then connect your accounts . Connecting accounts ensure your address is able to receive the TAI airdrop once you attain an eligible role.

How to Attain Roles?

Once you have accumulated the XP requirement, you will automatically level up to the corresponding Role outlined below.

How to Earn XP & Level Up Your Rewards

To achieve higher ranking Roles, members can earn XP by completing any of the following missions.

Mission 1: Try Mandala Testnet

  1. Access
  2. Join our to request test tokens from the Faucet in the #acala-testnet-faucet channel.
  3. Perform any transactions powered by Taiga (swap, add/remove liquidity, Bootstrap). Anyone who mints taiKSM will be eligible for an XP reward.

Mission 2: Follow our Social Media

  1. Follow our
  2. Tweet or retweet an existing post on Taiga and tag 3 people with #Taiga
  3. Show proof in the Discord mission channel by sharing a link to your Tweet and/or RT

Mission 3: Invite your Buddies

  1. Create your invitation link and invite 3 friends to our Discord (the invited accounts should be existed more than 3 days and stay until the event ends)

Other task permutations have only 100 XP rewards.

Exclusive Rewards for the Karura Community

As a token of appreciation to the Karura community, bonus XP will be given to verified (i) existing Karura DeFi users and (ii) Crowdcast participants. This means that Karura DeFi users will qualify for the Camper level role and 30 TAI airdrop if they join the Tapio & Taiga Discord and connect their accounts. Additionally, any community members who attended the at 11:30 on 12/22/2021 UTC will qualify for 200 XP, which can be leveled up by completing additional missions as outlined above.

*A snapshot of Karura DeFi wallet addresses has been taken at Block number , approximately 12/23/2021 23:00 UTC. This includes anyone who has interacted with Karura’s DEX, kUSD Vault, or Liquid Staking protocol.

*Crowdcast Participant list will be pulled from the Crowdcast registration email list.

Calculating Your Reward Example:

Reward Distribution

We will run a query on all Roles and wallet addresses by 23:59 January 9, 2022 (UTC). Qualified participants will receive a TAI airdrop via the Karura wallet shortly after the event end date.

About Tapio & Taiga

Tapio is a synthetic asset protocol enabling efficient liquidity for uniform assets on Polkadot. It is designed to mitigate liquidity silos by synthesizing different formats of assets into a highly usable synthetic asset in the Polkadot ecosystem. Taiga is an experimental protocol on Kusama and the sister project of Tapio.

Tapio officially started in early 2021 when we received the Web3 Foundation Open Grant and the inaugural Acala Ecosystem Grant. Our team is composed of engineers, financiers, security experts and serial entrepreneurs based in Canada, China and the U.S.

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