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The Exploration Begins: Event Update

Excited to announce the qualifying period for our inaugural community event: The Exploration Begins has ended as of January 9, 2022 23:59 (UTC).

The event has received tremendous support from the Karura and Kusama community. In the span of 2 weeks, we grew our Discord server to 35k members. A big round of applause to everyone who participated.

Now that we’ve built a community following, we will continue to engage our community and user base to locate product champions and evangelists. For those who missed out on the event, stay tuned for our next one!

What’s Next?

We are currently tallying the qualified participant count. XP will be distributed and roles will be assigned via Discord no later than January 14, 2022 23:59 UTC.

$TAI token will be airdropped to your registered wallet address according to your role. A separate announcement will be made once the airdrop date is confirmed.

Clarification on Qualifying Conditions

Any further missions completed after January 9, 2022 23:59 (UTC) will not be counted.

In the event that qualified roles exceed the maximum reward quota of 500,000 $TAI, reward will be allocated to qualified roles on a first-come, first-serve basis based on the initial account verification timestamp. Example:

***If you failed to verify your account, you will not qualify despite completing missions***

Some common errors we noticed where users are not conducting the missions correctly:

  • Did not verify the correct Karura/Mandala address (ie. verified with one address but completed the mission with another address)
  • Did not mint taiKSM successfully in Mandala testnet
  • Executed transactions in Mandala that is not associated with Taiga protocol
  • Did not follow Taiga Twitter account before the event end date
  • Deleted the tweet/retweet before the end time
  • Reply to original tweet does not qualify as a valid tweet or retweet
  • Did not tag 3 friends in tweet or retweet
  • Retweet the post of others instead of our existing posts
  • Tweet a post without any description
  • Failed to post your link in the right channel so that we can’t find your proof
  • Sent the wrong link instead of your proof link
  • Copied an existing proof link by others
  • Failed to invite 3 members to our Discord (members who left before our verification or are tagged as fake do not qualify)
  • Used one Discord ID to verify accounts but used another Discord ID to do missions.

About Tapio & Taiga

Tapio is a synthetic asset protocol enabling efficient liquidity for uniform assets on Polkadot. It is designed to mitigate liquidity silos by synthesizing different formats of assets into a highly usable synthetic asset in the Polkadot ecosystem. Taiga is an experimental protocol on Kusama and the sister project of Tapio.

Tapio officially started in early 2021 when we received the Web3 Foundation Open Grant and the inaugural Acala Ecosystem Grant. Our team is composed of engineers, financiers, security experts and serial entrepreneurs based in Canada, China and the U.S.

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Taiga is a synthetic asset protocol enabling efficient liquidity for uniform assets on Kusama. It is designed to remove liquidity silos by synthesizing different formats of asset into a highly usable synthetic asset for the Kusama ecosystem.

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