More about Plugins

Aug 20, 2020 · 2 min read

Plugins will be one of the primary Features of taiga and will make it stand out from other Bots.

What are Plugins?

Plugins will allow Users to add their own Features for their Server, whilst still using Features such as Moderation. Additionally, they will also allow Users to create Plugins for things such as Weather Commands etc. and Publish them on the Plugin Marketplace. This will give Guild Administrators the ability to access all the features and tools they could need in a single Bot, whilst not giving them the Features they won’t need.

How can I make Plugins?

First of all: Yes, plugins will require code. At least for the beginning. Plugins are written in JavaScript and have Access to most discord.js and NodeJS Methods as well as access to our custom API which will give you access to various features. There will also be locked Endpoints such as the Economy which will require your Plugin to be manually whitelisted by Staff. All Plugins will also be looked over by our Team.

Making Plugins will be completely documented in our Developer Documentation. While a large part of the Documentation already exists, it is all subject to change until the Release of Plugins.

We’re also considering the idea of allowing Plugins to be made with Lua and maybe even a Visual Scripting Tool.

When will Plugins be released?

We would love to, but we sadly cannot give you an ETA on this. The completion of this feature requires lots of work and requires us to research new technologies and other things, but we’ll keep you updated on Development!


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