End of Tailor — Rise of Gutenberg!

Hey, folks, we are really sad to announce that we have decided to discontinue Tailor Page builder. Tailor has been a great tool developed originally by Andrew Worsfold. Then at some point due to other priorities, he was not able to focus and work properly on Tailor and there we jump in and was willing to keep Tailor alive as we really love Tailor page builder and was hopeful to make it a success.

However then soon we realized about the Gutenberg project which we all know is coming to WordPress as a default page builder app or content editor app which looks awesome and we are all looking forward to it since Gutenberg is going to be bundled with WordPress itself that’s definitely going to give tough time to all 3rd party page builders and even that is not the case there are some really big players around like Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder & others which is going to be hard to compete with all of those awesome tools by us, to be honest. And also being a completely free project and providing almost all the great features in free version this is really not going to help us to put that much effort and money in development and maintaining Tailor project, unfortunately.

So the main reason for us to discontinue Tailor is due to finance which Tailor needs to keep on its development & marketing to compete with all the big players and specially Gutenberg.

We tried to bring a new life to Tailor when it was dying (not really) and put in much money in the process as much we can and bring in some efforts to maintain and even developed some features under the hood which were not completely pushed live, but unfortunately practically its been difficult for us since day one and thus we are sadly announcing to discontinue work on Tailor.

Now we would suggest you move on your websites to another page builder and the recommendations right now would be Elementor, Beaver Builder or Divi and keep an eye on Gutenberg project which looks pretty cool and we are sure that will bring much value to WordPress and bring a great editing experience built-in.

Now with that said, if anyone is interested in taking over this project and think you can put in the time and money it needs to continue the project and make it alive, you are most welcome to discuss it. If you are interested, you may reach us via Twitter, Facebook Page.

Team Tailor

Originally published at Tailor.

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