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Tailorgang-A Tailor in action

For generations now, the world has experienced series of fashion trend come and go. With each of these trends putting their mark on the world. Fashion designers and tailors Labour Day and night, passionately fueling their masterpiece with sheer creativity. The works of this great fashion designers and tailors are seen everyday in the streets and worn by fashionistas who remain ardent consumers of this product.

In today’s world, there exist a vacuum between the fashionista and tailors who make this clothing. Take for instance, how does a tailor connect remotely with consumers seamlessly? How can a tailor use big data to efficiently manage consumers and run a clothing business profitably? How do we connect the new and the old in the fashion together? How do we possibly create a platform that allows a consumer to take measurement by self, send it to the tailor, make payment and track the sewing progress of their wears?

Let’s take a break and consider the other aspect of the fashion industry, which is by far the most important. You can guess. It is not sewing or crafting creative master piece. It is knowledge transfer to the next generation. Does it surprise you? People are out there desirous of places (schools, fashion houses, institution) to acquire the necessary skills to become a professional tailor. People want to learn directly from the master or mistress themselves. So, in a situation where you have internet access and you need a platform to add skill to passion. Is there any platform that offers the right resources to learn and become a professional tailor? Yes, there is one now, Tailorgang. While developing the app, we came across several tailors who offered WhatsApp classes for a small fee ranging between 1000 and 10000 NGN ($2-$30). The classes made an impact and with our research, we realized some tailors made between 100,000 and 700,000 NGN ($270-$2000) monthly. These figures could have been better for some tailors if customers could pay without stress, this was not the case, as so many tailors especially in Nigeria could not earn from their students abroad. We personalized the learning experience and made it easy and convenient to pay while ensuring that tailors made more money from their skills and productivity.

Using scalable web and mobile technology, we created Tailorgang to provide an online marketplace and learning community for tailors, fashion designers, enthusiast, businesses and individuals. The idea is to connect everyone in this wide industry for purpose of increasing productivity and profitability, advancing knowledge and driving innovations. Unlike every other platform or application in the market, Tailorgang uses web and mobile technology to make business life easy for tailors to sell their master piece to anyone anywhere in the world. At the moment, any user of Tailorgang can find tailors, manage requests and orders, learn, manage payment and classes, chat and advertise.

Tailorgang is the future of a fusion between fashion and technology. As the day goes by, more updates will be added to the app to make it the app every fashion enthusiast will love to have. We are developing technology that makes the making of clothes fun for both tailor and customers. In the next few months, we are plugging the app to use AI technology to make it personalized for users and tailors. For example if I find myself suddenly in an event and I like one or two wears of friends or strangers, I will like to take a picture and ask my personal fashion designer if they can make same for me? With Tailorgang, you can search with those same images for other designers who can also give you quality and affordable pricing options. This is very disruptive because a user is now in control 1000% who they can pick to tailor their next outfit without any stress.