Tailorgang and the Local Economy-Africa in Perspective

The Nigeria fashion industry has come of age, since pre-colonial times. Fashion design has changed from being a trade for the uneducated street girls who needed some skill to get by in life. Today, the highly educated are involved in the fashion business and Nigerian fashion brands are being showcased in reputable places around the world.

African designers are beginning to compete globally, setting the pace with some of the best innovations out of the fashion and clothing world. How can we bridge the wide gap between African designers and the rest of the world? How can we improve access to African designers from everywhere? How can the Nigerian and African designers earn globally from their creativity? How can we improve communication, reduce ambiguity and difficulties of trade within the African fashion industry? This is why we built Tailorgang. Social media has so far helped the fashion industry in Africa and we can all see the massive growth recorded in just few years. Even with the tremendous growth in the industry, we can a wide gap that technology can influence. This is why we created TAILORGANG.

Tailorgang is to give the industry in Africa a boost towards improving the local economy. We have created a platform that can help content creators in Africa earn foreign exchange from their creativity. Africa boast of large communities around the world who need to connect to their cultural heritage. Tailorgang will make this a possibility and a reality. We have created a unique platform designed and suited for the average street tailor and designer worldwide.

Everyone loves to wear clothes that accomplish more than just covering the body. From the eloquent beautiful looks to the highly rated network programs like Project Runway and Fashion Star, people love to wear clothes that are both artistically-creative and well-fitting. The same is true for many developing countries in Africa, where extremely talented fashion designers are looking to sell their products both at home and abroad. These African designers highlight the opportunities that fashion has created for many individuals living in poverty-stricken areas. This is what we are tapping into with the creation of Tailorgang. A software that will help local designers sell their locally made styles home and abroad.

When we look deeply at the jobs the fashion design industry can create; we begin to realise that there is a strong need for technology to assist that industry. Creating value to the local tailors on the street with the enhancement of web and mobile technology and this is exactly what we have done so far. Tailors and designers are usually very unreliable and almost 99.9% sure of disappointing the customer. Our technology will help reward tailors who keep and respect customer’s timelines. Tailors can manage customers and timelines, styles, invoices, payments, daily petty cash and expenses. Timelines logged and delivery processes monitored and used as a yardstick to determine if a tailor usually honour the customers delivery dates. We present feedback to new potential customers seeking new tailors and designers on the Tailorgang platform. With time, customers can now make choices based on certain criteria.

We believe that the fashion industry in Africa will be a boom over the next ten years. For us, it is really about connecting those designers and tailors in the streets, our markets and cities in the continent to the rest of the world. Ensuring that they get access to sell their brands abroad and earn extra on their creativity. Creating an impact on the local economy across major African countries, our aim is to ensure there are more jobs added with each brand that gets to sell globally.