Tailorgang! The Game Changer

With an increasing number of designers in Africa and Nigeria in particular, there is a surge of designers who are transiting from bearing popular street names to recognized and respected fashion houses in the industry. Let’s look back in 2014 when Beyonce Knowles stylist came across a brand on-line of South African origin. The musician was spotted wearing a skirt and jacket from Kisua; a South African brand at an event in the US. The web and mobile technology at the time gave the stylist the opportunity to know the existence of the designer and eventually making the choice for her client (Beyonce). The on-line presence changed the game for the fashion brand. Without the on-line presence, it would have been difficult for Beyoncé’s stylist to find them.

Web and mobile technology today are a great leveler because the speed with which consumers/customers/fashion-enthusiast can access the market and be aware of your brand is unprecedented in the history of fashion. For the clothing industry to grow worldwide, there should be an appreciation of cultural heritage of every race. Technology will make this possible and we are building today the foundations of such technologies required with the release of Tailorgang.

Tailorgang is an on-line marketplace where fashion designers and professional tailors can sell their masterpiece and collaborate with other designers. Fashion enthusiasts can register & take on-line classes in effort to become professional tailors themselves. The idea of Tailorgang was born out of the growing need for an on-line marketplace in Nigeria that focused solely on clothing. Tailorgang feeds from the need to have a platform that is accessible from any device and enables you to interact with your tailor, find new tailors, take self-measurement, manage classes and engage in chats directly with your tailor.

In the nearest future, Tailorgang will emerge as the premium online marketplace for fashion designers, tailors, enthusiast, and even for a fashion novice. The features offered on Tailorgang is a game-changer in Nigeria and Africa in general. For the first time, the industry is going to witness a technological innovation that brings the true virtue of the African spirit and raw creativity to the world. Tailorgang is going to disrupt the game for every fashion designer, tailor, enthusiast or even the ordinary consumer in any market, by giving an unprecedented access to a bevy of tailors, fashion designers and consumers with just a touch of the button. The platform is completely changing how people see the fashion industry. This is fashtech, where fashion meets technology; tailors, fashion designers, enthusiast, consumers and even prospective tailors can now interact and make orders & payments easily on one platform.

The App

Sharing the experience of family and friends overseas, it’s been reported that many wish lists are being sent via travelers to and fro Africa. You get to hear stuff such as “I saw so-so wearing this or that on the Internet. Next time you are in Africa, please buy me this or that” these requests keep coming and the list gets longer. The intriguing thing is, Tailorgang now offers them that access directly to these tailors who make this clothing in Africa, hence bridging the divide. Tailorgang is a unique e-commerce platform for everyone in and outside the fashion industry to buy and sell, own store, tutor, and learn too. In Nigeria, Africa’s largest consumer market, the revenue has doubled each year since 2010. Tailorgang will eventually turn the tide in on-line fashion sales, as it allows consumers to trade in local and foreign currency. This is very important to the market, as it appears that not many fashion platforms support trading in local currency, hence preventing the growth of the local economy. The emergence of Tailorgang has ultimately changed the game and in time, the world will see the African fashion market as a billion-dollar magnet.