Media Transparency Roundup

This week’s Business Insider “Ad agencies are paying out secret settlements so they don’t have to show their clients all their contracts” update reminds us that paid media transparency practices are still heavily under the microscope.

At this year’s Bolo Conference, Tailwind addressed this huge disconnect between agencies and advertisers. See the talk here to better understand the top 8 things advertisers and brands should expect from their agencies.

  1. Embrace true trust and partnership: “What’s right and what’s wrong extends beyond the words in your contract”
  2. Understand owned entities: “Presents…a possible bias…because money is being made on both ends of the deal”
  3. Rebates should come back to you: “If it’s tied to your media spend, you get the rebate back”
  4. Incentives should, too: “If they don’t come to you, they are creating a bias”
  5. There is a gray area: “you have to define this with your agency, based on what you feel is right and wrong”
  6. Media is media, and fees are fees: “if you are also getting charged fees, you should understand what media markup is taking place. Some studies say 30% — 90% of media is marked up.”
  7. Influencer payments should be treated the same: “influencer compensation should not be marked up, and it should be very clear”
  8. Be conscious of influencer talent management: “If we manage the influencer talent and are hiring them, we don’t take payment on both sides”

Last summer, after the Association of National Advertisers, released the results of a study indicating “pervasive” non-transparent business practices between agencies and the advertisers they represent, which set this all in motion, Tailwind’s founder released this important message to partners. It’s a recap of how media passes through our organization.

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Reach out to us if you have questions or want to learn more, as we’re just talking about the tip of the iceberg here.

Christy Cole -Managing Director, Tailwind

As Tailwind’s Managing Director, Christy writes about paid media trends, changes in technology, and improving partnerships. You can read Christy’s other articles here and learn more about her on LinkedIn.

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