Kubernetes Tip: Know Your Container Networking

Kubernetes is all about choices; when it comes to CNI, it is no different. There are quite a number of popular CNI plugin’s available to choose from such as Flannel, Calico, Weave, Cilium, AWS etc.

It is important to know what CNI plugin is installed in your cluster if you are a K8S user. There is no direct way to get this information. Hence used my cluster as an example to get CNI information.

By default, Kubelet looks at /etc/cni/init.d/*.conflist for CNI information. So, let’s look at this file on my cluster. One can clearly see type is flannel. So, Flannel is my CNI plugin.

There is another not-so-right-way but does the job if you know names CNI plugin’s well. Following clearly indicates my cluster runs flannel.

Hope this tip is helpful.



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