Solidity Weekly #14

Oct 4, 2018 · 6 min read

如何使用 ZeppelinOS 產生 ERC20 tokens

本期不寫 Code

讓我們在 Ropsten Test net 上測試,用 ZeppelinOS 直接產生 ERC20 tokens。

先安裝與架設好 zos for Rosten network deployment:

cd /tmp && mkdir my-app && cd my-app
npm install -g yarn zos
zos init my-app 1.0.0
zos link openzeppelin-zos
// (10/28/2018) 改成
zos link openzeppelin-eth
// truffle-config.js 修改 ropsten 連線與預設帳號, 如下rm truffle-config.js && wget add openzeppelin-zos truffle-hdwallet-provider
zos push --network ropsten
// (10/28/2018) 改成
yarn add openzeppelin-eth truffle-hdwallet-provider
zos push --network ropsten
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npm openzeppelin-zos 改名為 openzeppelin-eth

然後執行以下指令,假設你在 Ropsten 有一個帳號 ,例如這裡的 0x66ee73086134f147745be72335153bf780499e2e,當成這 tokens 合約的所有人,您可更改 muzha 成你要的 token 名稱,以及改 MUZA 成你要的 token 符號。

只要一行指令, 就可以生成 tokens:

在 /tmp/my-app 目錄下

OWNER=0x66ee73086134f147745be72335153bf780499e2e zos create DetailedPremintedToken --init initialize --args $OWNER,muzha,MUZA,8,100000000000000000000 --network ropsten

結果如下,就可以產生一兆個 ERC20 tokens,合約位址在 0xc634d06c9d0fac3c6b341dc6238a15f253caecf9

Creating DetailedPremintedToken proxy and calling initialize with:
- _sender (address): "0x66ee73086134f147745be72335153bf780499e2e"
- _name (string): "muzha"
- _symbol (string): "MUZA"
- _decimals (uint8): "8"
- _initialBalance (uint256): "100000000000000000000"
TX receipt received: 0x6aa11e9a8465092ee17642703aeec1272e1dda452a028da1f460bbcd75dac6d8
DetailedPremintedToken proxy: 0xc634d06c9d0fac3c6b341dc6238a15f253caecf9
Successfully written zos.ropsten.json

可以利用 Ropsten 的 Etherscan 做驗證如下:


安裝 zos 與 truffle 這麼麻煩,乾脆用 docker,結果是一樣的:

docker run mingder78/create-erc20-token 0x66ee73086134f147745be72335153bf780499e2e,TaiwanNewToken,TNT,8,100000000000000000000

$ docker run mingder78/create-erc20-token 0x66ee73086134f147745be72335153bf780499e2e,TaiwanNewToken,TNT,8,100000000000000000000
Creating DetailedPremintedToken proxy and calling initialize with:
— _sender (address): “0x66ee73086134f147745be72335153bf780499e2e”
— _name (string): “TaiwanNewToken”
— _symbol (string): “TNT”
— _decimals (uint8): “8”
— _initialBalance (uint256): “100000000000000000000”
TX receipt received: 0xfa424db886ea3bcdfa79bed262c41b82b2a028dfdc240bfb47e067ae34ae4aa6
DetailedPremintedToken proxy: 0x5e19e1830d452e64157c3a49978607f02d79bbf8
Successfully written zos.ropsten.json

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