Five Startups in Taiwan Taking on COVID-19

Taiwanese startup SurveyCake offers digital solutions for the management of visitors and required health declaration forms.

Taiwan has been heralded as the gold standard in terms of safeguarding against this virus, but our efforts go beyond the measures that the government has implemented. We are proud to share five of more-to-come startups at Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) that are taking matters into their own hands and offering solutions with their current technologies to support efforts to deal or manage the virus.

  • SurveyCake is offering their PRO Plan for free to government agencies, schools, hospitals and other entities that may require visitors to fill out health declaration forms. Fill out this application form to start managing your visitors more efficiently. For entities outside of Taiwan wishing to participate, please contact
Taiwan Startup Stadium demos Powercall with Tico Founder, Howie Young.
  • Tico has beta-launched Powercall, a free video conferencing tool that empowers anyone to start a video meeting in two simple clicks. No download or registration is required, which makes it easier for companies that don’t currently have remote work systems in place to start teleconferencing immediately.
  • AdLocus is offering NT$50,000 of mobile advertisement credit on their platform to all industries in an effort to help businesses affected by the virus. Apply by April 30th.
  • VoiceTube is promoting remote English language learning with a free subscription to their Pro Plan. If you’re in quarantine, why not make productive use of your time and improve your language skills? Apply by April 30th.
  • PeraPera is now offering all past language courses for free. Educators facing class cancellations are eligible to use the platform to start building courses online free of charge. Additionally, PeraPera is providing free subtitling and translation services for video resources regarding COVID-19. Please e-mail for more information.

If you would like to connect with any of our teams, please get in touch and we’ll happily make introductions.




Taiwan Startup Stadium aims to share key insights and useful knowledge regarding startup ecosystem, while showing the world why #TaiwanRocks, one startup at a time!

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Ginny Wu

Ginny Wu

Operations Manager at Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS). California native living in Taipei — chasing startup trends in Taiwan. In my spare time, I like to boulder.

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