Startup Island TAIWAN Discusses Omni-channel Strategy for Japan’s E-commerce Market Post-pandemic

In the post-pandemic era, the e-commerce (EC) and entertainment industries are expected to continue on an upward trajectory. During the Covid outbreak, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, countries set out lockdown orders. When people are forced to stay home, watching dramas, live streams, and online shopping have become essential activities in daily life. Seeing the amount of potential, many businesses have jumped in on this wave of trends. In the second of the “Jumpstart Your Japanese Journey” series, Startup Island TAIWAN will discuss the underlying business opportunities and the omni-channel strategy to thrive in Japan’s EC market post-pandemic.

According to the pre-event survey, the majority of those who sought to attend the workshop are currently active in the EC industry, with the most common business models being B2B, B2C, and B2B2C. 50% of the respondents expressed interest in the Japanese market and wished to gain more insights. 60% of the respondents expressed actual needs for local Japanese distributors, partners or collaboration opportunities to take their businesses to the next level through cross-border functions.

The Japanese market piqued the curiosity of 50% of the respondents, who said they wanted to learn more about it. Furthermore, 60% of respondents stated that they have actual needs for local Japanese distributors, partners, or collaboration opportunities in order to take their businesses to the next level through cross-border functions, or that they are looking for local Japanese distributors, partners, or collaboration opportunities.

The workshop invited speakers from Taiwan startups that have already successfully established their presence in Japan and influencers in the Japanese EC industry. Representatives of Taiwan startups invited as speakers to this workshop include Yoko Tomiyama, the Head of Marketing at KKday Japan, the largest in-depth travel e-commerce platform in Asia that’s previously invested by Cool Japan Fund, and Abby Chiu, the Senior Manager of International Brand Communication at Pinkoi, a leading design e-commerce platform in Asia. Influencers in the Japanese EC industry invited include: Kyeong-uk, Han, Senior Consultant at PPB International, who provides cross-border strategic consulting services for enterprises and has assisted many well-known unicorns from South Korea and the United States to successfully land in Japan; Miwa Ayumu​, Director of the Board at C Channel Lemon Square, a business unit under the MCN (Multi-Channel Network) group which provides audio and video content for women aged 20–34, created by LINE Japan’s former CEO Akira Morikawa; Kasamatsu Taiyo, the Executive Officer at BEENOS, a leading company in cross-border EC; and Utsunomiya Masaki, the Executive Officer and Head of the Entertainment Division at PARCO CO., LTD., a leading department store brand with more than 20 stores in operation within Japan, and Kitayama Ryuzo, Director of CRM at PARCO CO., LTD.

Jumpstart Your Japanese Journey Workshop №2: Omni-channel Strategy for Japan’s E-commerce Market Post-pandemic

The second of the “Jumpstart Your Japanese Journey” series focuses on “Omni-channel Strategy for Japan’s E-commerce Market Post-pandemic”. The white paper examines the four key EC businesses in detail, including horizontal EC, corporate EC, EC-related software, and entertainment. Horizontal EC explores the many types of operations, delves into the B2B and B2C categories, and presents case studies of businesses and platforms in the Japanese market. The B2C category is further broken down into three key blocks: consumer goods, services, and the digital sector, with market sizes and prospects for each. Each of the four key EC businesses has its own breakdown of development trends and possibilities. The white paper is intended to assist Taiwanese entrepreneurs and businesses in evaluating their potential opportunities in Japan. Fill out the survey now to participate in the online workshop on March 31st and to receive the full version of the white paper.




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