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Takamaka, Press release NOVEMBRE

Press Release Novembre

Hello Community!

The Takamaka project took off in November! First of all, we are pleased to announce the opening of a regional office in Tokyo, Japan.


Opening a hub and a functional centre outside European borders is an essential part of our efforts, aimed at accelerating the recognition of Takamaka technology and its adoption globally.

This is an exciting moment for blockchain: opening an office in the Roppongi district of Tokyo will increase the overall knowledge and promote initiatives related to this technology in Japan, not only by responding to the demand of a rapidly growing community but also by involving companies, start-ups and incubators, to help them innovative their approach and obtain better business results thanks to Takamaka.

The website and many other resources will soon be translated into Japanese, providing support for progress and adoption: we will take part in local hackathons, workshops, training sessions and conferences on corporate blockchain.

Davide Cordioli was appointed head of the Japanese hub.

Graduated in International Business in London, Cordioli has extensive experience in raw materials trading, specifically metals. Passionate about blockchain since 2017, currently he works as a consultant at Takamaka. Cordioli is fluent in English and Japanese, and he can also speak basic Chinese.

Davide will be our point of connection and evangelizer in Japan: he will be in charge of promoting the project, accelerating agreements and partnerships.

With Takamaka’s expansion and presence in Asia, in Japan in particular, it is our intention to help companies in the region innovate their approach and achieve better business results thanks to blockchain technology”, said Davide.


Furthermore, in November our engineers have been involved in Zero to Blockchain, a training program that explains the basics of blockchain technology and digital assets: it is one of the most important and accredited training programs in Italy.

During the meeting, we showed the basic functionalities of our blockchain and explained essential concepts such as Time and Oracles. We also showed how to write on the blockchain and read its data correctly.

Participants showed a strong interest in understanding how a Takamaka Oracle works, analyzing the source code and interacting with it through a practical application that actively involved students.

About us

Takamaka is a development and engineering company, committed to building innovation for the 21st century. Takamaka developed a blockchain-based technology, which uses a consensus algorithm called T-PoS: it allows to create and establish new business models for companies, universities and government sectors.

We aim to provide tools and skills capable of improving living conditions and offering new opportunities to all those who will make use of our technology, anywhere in the world.

Stay tuned!




Open Blockchain built on Java

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