Take a Breath
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Take a Breath

Death of a friend.

It happened.

When the Pandemic put us in quarantine I held my breath.

I thought it will only be a matter of time when someone I know will die from Covid-19.

I prayed daily against it ever happening but knew in my heart that no matter how much I prayed this pandemic was growing and spreading even months later.

Here we are months later. Still spreading, death still happening and people are recovering.

The other day I got the email. A former church secretary and family friend passed away from Covid-19. She had underlying high risk issues.

But that doesn’t change the fact that she is now gone.

When I got the email, everything went numb. I sat on my bed re-reading what it said. My heart sank. I cried and every time I see a photo of her my heart wells up.

She was more than the church secretary when I worked at the church. She was light. Definitely light in the world and in the church.

Her smile like no other. You could tell she always gave her all when she was at work. I admired her for that. Working at a church can be stressful and under appreciated at times.

We both talked about that. We knew we weren’t always seen but often were tasked with things like we didn’t do enough.

When my daughter started preschool she always loved going in to see her. She had candy and smiles and would always allow her to wander around the office exploring and asking questions.

She was light. No matter how her day went she was always trying to see the positives. She was always trying to make the church better with her skills and her personality.

My mom would do her and her mother’s hair and soon became close just like all my mom’s clients.

We connected on Facebook and kept in touch even after she and I both left our jobs at the church.

Her death this week only reminds me of the light she was in my life. She was constantly pushing me to be who I was and to pursue my dreams and family.

I am going to miss her so much and will always have the fond memories we shared.

This week a stark reminder that we are not out of the woods in this pandemic and that we must be light in the darkness of this year.

Evelyn, thank you for gracing this earth with all the light God gave you. I am so glad you were part of my journey and poured into me. May you rest with God.

Stay the course for all of us.

Stay Safe — Wear a Mask — Social Distance



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Alicia Edquist

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