Take a Breath
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Take a Breath


The last few Mondays have definitely felt like Mondays. Take me back to the the weekend.

Poor Mondays.

Though this weekend had some minor rough issues, I would like to go back. More rest.

But onward Monday we went.

For the first time in weeks my work email was filling up. It’s the end of the school year so we have 3 more weeks to wrap semester which means we have deadlines to meet.

Combine with homeschooling, supporting classrooms via zoom and teaching two college course my Monday was beginning to feel pretty overwhelming.

The one thing that I have lost track in all this is my organization. I have things everywhere and my once tidy home desk is now lost under papers and such.

Work organization for me is vital to my sanity.

Somewhere between week 5 and week 7 my organization went to chaos.

Ugh. Mondays.

I got to take a bit of a break today and I sat down on the floor. My sweet pup came over laid down and rested her sweet head in me. If I could have stayed there all day I would have.

But my zoom class called and I had to move to the computer to teach.

Working at home I lose track of time by continuing to work.

It’s zoom call after zoom call and by the time o look at the clock it’s past 5 pm and I should be closing up shop for the day.

Alarms definitely need to be set. I am learning this more and more in week 8 that I need to set true limits for time especially Mondays.

Always the most busiest day for me but also the one where I lose track of time and just keep working.

What’s your key to Mondays?

I don’t know if I even have a key to figuring out how to do Mondays.

We have a full month to go before work, home school and all the other things settle in my home.

Even right now, I see the time and my Monday clearly flew by as overwhelming as it was.

Sometimes we just have to let go of our Monday Blues and know that tomorrow is a different day that we can handle differently.

Mondays do kind of get the raw end of the days of the week. It’s right after the weekend where everyone much rather be.

Can’t help to feel bad for Mondays.

Guess that’s why we have #MotivationMonday

What’s your Motivation Monday?



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