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Take a Breath

Pause ll

I keep hitting pause on this story I should share.

What story you may ask, my story.

I was determined to start writing again come April 1 and then it didn’t happen.

It didn’t happen for multiple reasons. Mostly personal. Life happened and people I love are going through some deep stuff.

Stuff that we all go through at points in our lives but it was so difficult to navigate and still is.

So I hit pause again. But now May is here and it’s Mental Health Awareness month and I feel the urge to write daily.

So here I am. Attempting to hit play again.

My anxiety has been super rough this last month not just dealing with my own things but with the people dearest to my heart.

One thing that has been great is that my daughter’s study skills teacher has been teaching them calming techniques to help them through this pandemic year.

I sit next to her doing my own work for the day and have found myself really appreciating her teachers this year who have influenced these kids in giving them the tools early on to deal with stress.

She plays this calming music that just feels so calming I find myself doing the exercise with them.

We have yet to see all what this pandemic has done to our own mental health let alone our children.

I pray that even during this time we as adults have been equipped to learn how we can be better at mental health.

How we can care for one another better.

How one moment of listening or asking how someone’s doing can change their life and maybe yours.

So as I hit play this next 31 days, I pray that I can help one person recognize that they are not alone and that there are so many of us.

You are loved

You are worthy

You are enough.

Take a breath!



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Alicia Edquist

Alicia Edquist

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