Take a Breath
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Take a Breath


Today sucked. I sure needed this drink after today. Man on man, where the heck did this day go? It was rough.

Didn’t start as a bad day but boy it sure turned.

It took all day for me to really figure out what the issue was but I finally figured it out.

We have a routine. When the toy time gets thrown off everything starts to unwind.

Our organization, our moods and our timing.

All of it. Gone.

It started with a longer than normal zoom call for my daughter’s class. It was almost 45 minutes over the usual time.

Not that this was a huge deal but we all know that zoom calls take adult energy so for kids it’s even more of an overload.

By the time she got off the call she wanted a break. Reluctant to give her a break because I know that could just spiral I had her focus down on some work.

I got to admit I was immediately frustrated when the teacher went over the usual time.

Not because she needed to but that if my daughter gets behind in getting work done that means my workload and teaching load goes later and later into the day.

I am really trying to cut my time at my stop time so that I have time with my family.

We got through a few items as she realized it was her normal break time. Ugh.

We are behind. I still need to prep for my class in a hour and just ugh.

So I let her have a break. Breathe. Both of us have 15 minutes of space.

After break we make a deal. Need to complete two more assignments before church devos group.

She agrees and powers through. Relief.

However here is the MAJOR concern. She left the two assignments she does not like to do for after lunch.

Just know that, I know I’m screwed. I just know she will fight me on this.

So I let her go to lunch and I get on my zoom call. The past few weeks she has suddenly needed my attention during my lectures with my students.

So the frustration has been building.

Today she interrupted me so many times to ask me questions that other people in the house could tell her.

I was livid. So done with her interruptions.

She knew it. So out pops the attitude which I had been expecting. Ugh.

10 going on 16 in our house. Ugh.

It was absolute downhill from there.

She proclaimed that she wanted her dad to help her with work when he got home.

If you know me than you know that isn’t going to happen well. Same personalities collide. So fun.

What should have taken less than an hour to complete took 5 hours later.

She kept procrastinating and throwing attitude like no other.

Today was rough.

I laugh because often people are like you have the sweetest kid. She’s definitely sweet and I love her to pieces but man oh man does she have a sassy side. Ugh.

After it was all said and done it was finally time to relax and go to bed. Thank God for bed time y’all. Thank God for bedtime.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow. Anything has to be better than today’s series of meltdowns, tears on both sides and ultimate frustration.

Sometimes you just need to breathe and move on to the next day ahead.



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Alicia Edquist

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